Monday, December 19, 2011

More on previous subjects

I see that many of you cracked my enormously difficult riddle regarding Munchkin's Christmas present...she is indeed getting a car. Specifically, she is getting a Deep Cherry Red 2012 Jeep Wrangler courtesy of her ultra-generous (and slightly mischievous) pretend older sisters. And no wussy automatic transmission for my girl...those with the purse-strings feel very strongly that it is a car that should have a stick, and I agree with them!

From her real sister, she is getting a series of rules under which she can drive it;-) But seriously, if you are immensely jealous of the idea of her driving around the island all summer with the top down, just get in line with the rest of us!

Maybe this means that I should get a new car, too, right? For real, she can't have a new one if I have a seven year old car, can she? It is only fair...(don't laugh, but my car has about 42,000 miles on it. And in the first year I had it, I drove from Boston to Phoenix, then from Phoenix to Chicago and back, then from Phoenix to Chicago to Boston, then a round trip from Boston to Chicago. Since then, not so much...)

So maybe if The Boy is looking for some last second stocking stuffers...

I got some interesting responses to my question about post-baby sex lives, and some pretty common themes. First of all, people tend to have less sex (duh!)...although no one will admit that it is because they know that is how they ended up with the monster in the first place:-P. But, after hearing some thoughts, and combining that with what I have heard and thought on my own, I think I have some theories...

I think that women feel like they are less desirable in the purely sexual sense. Usually we have put on some weight, and we may have some scars or some stretch marks, and our boobs get saggy and we have less time to take care of ourselves. So, we feel less attractive. But there is a whole other part that relates to the relationship with our husbands. See, once you have a baby, you feel like your role has changed, and that the way your husband thinks of you has changed. As a mother, you are more mature, more caring, and I think it is natural for women to assume that their husbands see them as the nurturing mother of their children.

Which is all good, and can make you feel attractive in its own way. But...we also like to feel like our husbands are periodically swept up in a purely animal urge to do very, very dirty things to us:-). We like to feel like we can still make them have inappropriate thoughts about us. In most cases, they probably do, but we kind of naturally feel like they think about us as being more wholesome than that, and when you add in the feelings of feeling less sexy...well, I think that it is natural for women to feel like their sex life is irreparably changed.

Anyway, just one girl's thoughts:-)

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Anonymous said...

OMG, I want a Jeep in red too!!!
Do you think they would buy me one as well? ;-)