Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Oh yeah, hey there!

An email from a longtime reader last week reminded me that I have basically stopped blogging. The gist of the email was "Are you OK? You don't need any kind of help, do you?!" Obviously, I have the sweetest readers, right? But also...yea, I am a terrible blogger. And I have nothing profound to tell you today, but I will basically copy and paste the email I sent to her (minus the real names!) as a very brief update.


I know, I have become a non-blogger! I didn't do that on purpose, I just kinda ran out of things I felt like writing. I haven't ruled out starting again, but I have clearly lost my mojo.

Everything is just fine! The girls turned four in April and keep us generally busy and usually pretty tired:-). Munchkin just finished her Freshman year and is busy being utterly fabulous...she was in New York last weekend, at the beach through this weekend, then off to London for a few days and then Paris for about a week. Then back to the beach, and likely to Nice later this summer. It's a tough life!

And Smoking Hot Roommate is pregnant! {some additional color deleted}

Other than that, we're just getting ready for summer. {more deleted}. The Boy and his siblings convinced his Dad to sell the house (they are from about 20 miles from Boston) and move closer to us and Twin Sister. That should be wrapped up in about a month, which will be really nice. And The Boy's older sister is very unexpectedly and hilariously not intentionally pregnant, too:-)

Hopefully, Tinkerbelle is coming out to visit at some point this summer, but she is a petulant teenager, so that is always up in the air! She's sort of a handful, but she still (basically) listens to me, so I like to try and give her Mom a break whenever I can! She's just a really tough personality at a tough age right now:-)

Big Sis is good, too...her oldest is the same age as mine, and the youngest is two. And Papa Bear is about five years behind on his promise to retire!


So, there is my very sad recap of the lat three months or so. Maybe, just maybe, this will prompt me to blog more than once a quarter, huh?

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Deteriorating at a rapid pace

Last Wednesday evening, I managed to acquire a short-term stomach virus. The good news is that it came and went in about 16 hours. The bad news is that those 16 hours were incredibly unpleasant...it was not very sexy.

But, I rallied, and felt better on Friday, and was back to 100% on Saturday.

Right up until I decided that it would be a good idea to chase the girls in circles around the dining room table. I remember thinking "This is probably not a good idea. One of them is going to run into the china cabinet." Approximately 41 seconds later, I kicked said china cabinet, breaking the little toe on my left foot.

I'm sure I have some readers who have broken toes before, but for those who haven't...it is not really that much fun. It doesn't really hurt, per se, but it takes me forever to walk anywhere, and the color is really downright grotesque. I will spare you the pictures...but it looks kinda like it is about to be lost to frostbite!

Clearly, I am not aging well...

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Winter, et al

Hey, check it out, it's that girl that used to blog!!! Sadly, this is {hides head in shame} my first blog post this year. And I would like to pretend that I had a really, really good reason for that, but the truth is that I just never really felt like blogging at any moment between then and now when I was near a computer.

"Hey, that's why they invented Twitter, you twerp!" shout the readers.

"Shut it!" says the blogger.

Anyway, we remain firmly in the grasp of a very cold winter. You would probably assume, given the constant coverage of the polar vortex, the incredibly cold temperatures throughout the midwest and the almost Biblically cold and icy weather in the South, that we got an incredibly cold winter. You would, however, sort of be wrong. Not that it hasn't been cold - it has - but it just hasn't been that much colder than normal. There was a day in January when the high temperature in Chicago was about 4 below, the high in Atlanta was 16 and the high here was about 17.

Not that 17 isn't cold...but it's not really newsworthy around here like those other places were. I feel like we had one or two days where it never got about 10, which is not really that abnormal. So, I don't want to say that we got spared the wrath of the cold that has blanketed the rest of the country, but relatively we got off a little bit easy.

Enough about the weather, though...

The girls are not really loving winter: it is often a chore to convince them that they should go outside on weekend days. They like playing in the snow, for a couple of minutes, but given the choice on a normal, cold Saturday, they would rather play inside all day. That usually seems like an acceptable idea until approximately nap time, when they get antsy and tired all at the same time, but not tired enough to take a nap and therefore just really kind of unmanageable... Which leads to some bribery "You can have hot cocoa when we come back if we go for a walk first," seems to work in most situations.

They will, gasp, be four in two months. Yikes. They start kindergarten a year from September! They are just such little people now...they can pick out their clothes and dress themselves and tell me what they want for dinner, or for lunch the next day, and tell jokes and stories and stuff. They have substantially different personalities, which is sort of neat, and they have really different like and dislikes (if you see then, MA is the one wearing pink...at all times...and LK is the one wearing blue or grey.)

And Munchkin continues to just basically be awesome at life. She and Frenchie are still "not together", although they clearly sort of are. She spent a week in Paris over his winter break, most of it with him (although she also visited her roommate). I dunno, it makes sense to her, and she seems cool with it. There are also some other boys, but nothing terribly serious. We still have dinner every Thursday, although we have branched out and don't always eat chicken fingers in the same place anymore.

We are also headed to Tortolla tomorrow for a very long weekend. Girls only! Kind of a last minute trip that can be categorized as a "mental health refresher". Smoking Hot Roommate, Big Sis, a cousin of theirs, Munchkin and I are going and the entire agenda is to sit around and enjoy the sun. Obviously, given my complaining up top about the weather, I am pretty darn excited for this. The Boy gets the girls all to himself, and he also gets absolved of having to buy me something for Valentine's Day. Maybe not a totally fair trade, but don't tell me I am not thoughtful:-).

Other than that, I have nothing super important to tell you, other than my current case of acute Olympic fever:-)

Friday, December 27, 2013

Proof that my Ovaries Have Not Totally Shriveled

I'm not having any more kids. Let's get that straight right away. There are reasons I have verbalized, and reasons that I sort of keep to myself (and a few other people), but the issue is decided. There shall be no more children. Heck, I would have been very unlikely to sign on for a second one had The Boy not gone and knocked me up twice at once (to trick me into having two, no doubt).

Now that we have that straight...

A couple of days before Christmas, MA started to tell us that she really wanted Paw Patrol for Christmas. Paw Patrol is a show in Nick, Jr. about six quasi-superhero dogs, but it is a new enough show that there is really no merchandise available (if it were Disney, they'd have half of Kids R Us stocked already). So, we had told her that Santa might not have Paw Patrol, but that she would love whatever he brought her.

On Christmas Eve, The Boy was putting them to bed, and I happened to be right outside of the door listening to the conversation. MA told him "If I don't get Paw Patrol, I won't be upset," and he complemented her on being such a big girl and reminded her that Santa would do his best to bring her things she would really love. Then, LK told him "If we don't like what Santa brings us, we won't cry!" And he reminded her that, while that was true, she would love what Santa brought her because Santa does a great job of trying to make little girls happy.

Next, she asked if Critters get Christmas presents. "Critters" is her word for her stuffed animals, and the most important, most inseparable of the Critters is a bear dressed as a bumble bee who goes by "Bumble Bear". Bumble Bear is about three years old, and has gone EVERYWHERE with her for those three years. And she just couldn't understand why Bumble Bear wouldn't get a present from Santa, and wasn't going to accept his explanation that critters didn't get presents. Which meant that he made the quick decision to re-address one of their presents to be for the critters...

Listening to all of this, which is totally representative of the way that he interacts with the girls, just made me all warm and fuzzy inside, and led me to stand in the hallway with a really ridiculous smile on my face. He is just so good at this. And there, for maybe half a moment, there was a part of me that almost decided to tell him "Get me pregnant again RIGHT NOW!!!"

The mood passed as quickly as it came, but it was definitely there for a second...

I've been silent for a while, but that's not a result of anything bad or really anything noteworthy at all. Girls are great, Munchkin is great...life is, basically, really good. I'll try to be a little more active in the new year...but until then, if I don't check in again, I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas, a very joyous Holiday if you celebrate something else, and that you are ready to tackled the New Year with Gusto!!!

Monday, December 02, 2013

I remember back when I was a blogger...

Have I ever mentioned how much I love stuffing? Were I single, and were it legal and feasible, I would absolutely marry it, and enjoy no other food for the rest of my life.

Now that I have that out of the way...

I hope everyone's Thanksgiving was as nice as mine! Lots of people, lots of food, lots of fun! We had Thanksgiving at The Boy's sister's place, which was nice and didn't require me to do anything other than show up and eat. The Boy was on mashed potato duty again, and he acquitted himself nicely...

Munchkin had a couple of guests for the weekend...Frenchie and her roommate. They were both pretty well impressed at the true depth of American genius: a two-day holiday devoted to nothing but eating! Things between her and Frenchie seemed pretty good, and I think that, without knowing better, a normal observer would have assumed that they were together. He's just a super nice kid, and while they are struggling with being Freshman in college in a long-distance relationship, they just really, really like to be around each other. So, I dunno...I hope they work something out.

Saturday was the now-traditional Thanksgiving Redux at Big Sis' house. For those keeping track, that means that we now have Practice Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving, and the Thanksgiving Redux every year. Because it's worth having three of them! No turkey at this one (or stuffing, sadly), but there are lobsters and other things that sort of remind me of summer, so that's all good:-)

And now...what the fuck...it's Christmas?!?!? Well, that certainly got on us in a hurry. We're gonna get a tree next weekend and do some decorating, and the onslaught of Christmas parties begins this week. That means I have to figure out which ones to go to, which ones to skip, and which ones we may need a sitter for. December takes an awful lot of planning...

Do you know what I really want for Christmas? I want So Midwestern to finally sign up for Match:-). I also want a Maserati, and frankly that seems more likely...feel free to badger her at will, we can break her down eventually!