Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Treinta y Uno

I notice that none of you remembered my birthday...ahem. In the words of Homer Simpson, I hope you are all baking me a giant chocolate apology cake right now!!!

How'd I spend my birthday? Funny you ask...

The day started out wonderfully...the girls had cards for me, and The Boy informed me that we were headed out to dinner to celebrate, and a babysitter was coming over to watch the girls after work. Then, I got to work, and they had a cake for, until 9:30 or so, everything was going pretty darn well...

Then, it all got out of hand really quickly. Boss Foxy gave me mission...the kind of unusual people-management issue that I always get assigned, and a couple hours later, I was in Memphis, TN. Mostly, I was there for the purpose of helping someone realize that they really DID want to move their family from their comfy life in Memphis to New York City for the purposes of taking the COO job at a portfolio company of ours.

As ridiculous as that was, and sparing you the details, it was basically a cause after my own heart, and was not unlike a somewhat similar incident from my own kinda-distant past. And I happen to be in a pretty good position to address the concerns they had, so it wasn't real hard to make the pitch.

So, one night in Memphis, another meeting in the morning and then back home by early afternoon. And then a nap, which I woke up from when the girls came home and ran in to get me.

In the end, an unusual birthday, and if I simply cut out the 24 or so hours in started and finished really well!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Odds and Ends

I survived my solo-mothering stint unharmed, and the girls were none the worse for wear. If I didn't already have a serious appreciation for single parents, I certainly do's exhausting! And I was a little surprised to find out that it's apparently not that uncommon to have never been alone with the kid(s) for a couple of days in a row at that age. Nor was it unusual to be a little apprehensive. Once again, the blog world made me feel better:-)


Moving's been a very summery summer around, humid and oppressive. Perfect weather to escape to the beach every weekend, indeed, which we have managed to do quite a bit. My love of The Beach House is pretty well documented at this point, and it seems to get stronger all the time...especially in these really prime July weekends where the house seems to be bursting with people every weekend. It was jammed on July 4th, and busy last weekend, and this weekend it will be really busy again.

This is the start of Smoking Hot Roommate's Mom's Family week at the beach (which really ends up stretching closer to two and a half weeks:-P). It continues to be one of my favorite traditions, and I think I can speak for Papa Bear, SHR and Big Sis in saying that it is one of theirs as well. It's like equal parts beach party, family reunion and celebration of their Mom. Always a good time!


And...I'm going to France, and I think we're going to bring one of the girls with us. It will be a long time to be away from home for her (probably LK...but that's TBD) but I think it'll be fun. Frenchie's Mom was a very strong proponent of this idea:-). Munchkin has an orientation at the very end of July, and we are planning on going right after that, probably for 10 days or so. Same as the last couple of trips...we'll split the time between Paris and Nice without any real agenda. We'll play it by ear!


The girls have graduated to a new classroom...they are in pre-school, which will be their home for maybe a year, and then pre-K and two years from September, they will start Kindergarten...almost can't can believe I am even thinking about that yet! We haven't actually decided on where to send them to school...there are a couple of options, all of which have pluses and minuses. (Also, all of which are grossly expensive, but there is nothing I can do about that, other than move to the...shiver...suburbs.)


Anyone have anything interesting going on this summer? I feel like ours has been sort of unexciting, but really fun. Not a bad way to do it:-)

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Embarrassing motherhood admissions

I've never totally felt like I am entirely, 100% comfortable as a mother. I suppose I am not sure that anyone is, but it seems to come much more naturally to a lot of women than it does to me. Which, I suppose, is sort of odd, since I have more experience at it than just about all first-time Moms do...even if that experience is more with teenagers than with toddlers.

Which brings me to kind of an off confession, and one that is frankly even a little hard for me to believe. The Boy has to travel for a couple of days, and with Munchkin at the beach and Smoking Hot Roommate also out of town...I think this is the first time I have ever been solely responsible for them for this long.

I know, right? Kind of ridiculous...but every time he's been away, either Munchkin or SHR or my mother-in-law have been with me. I think there was a day when I took them to the beach by myself, but The Boy probably joined us the next day (or maybe late that night...) but I am like 99% sure that I have never actually been alone in charge of them for two whole days and nights in a row.

[Which is also a gross misrepresentation since they will be in Day Care all day both days]

Obviously, this shouldn't bother me...I mean, they are over three years old, and I am perfectly capable of feeding, bathing and dressing them, getting them to bed and getting them to school. I do that pretty much every morning anyway. I've managed to get them to this point in their lives without any major hiccups, so clearly I can handle two days of single-motherhood. And saying that I was "scared" would be an overstatement, too. I'm not actually concerned that something will go wrong.'m also not totally and completely un-nervous, either.

So, um, yea, that is my confession for the day. My kids are over three years old and I have never actually been alone with them for two days at a time.

I'm hoping you won't need to wish me luck.

Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Who doesn't love a four day weekend?

Quick check in, because I will be gone all weekend so not writing today would mean likely a LONG time between posts...

Munchkin's preposterously large, completely over-the-top graduation party was last weekend, and it was a smashing success. It included:

  • a Tent
  • a LOT of people (maybe 300 at one point or another during the day?)
  • Surprisingly good weather - the forecast said overcast, maybe some was sunny and hot!
  • One adorable French boy who is now here for another week
  • Copious amounts of BBQ - ribs, brisket, chicken, cornbread, coleslaw, baked beans, corn and oh, so very much pie!
  • Several of the Chicago folks
  • An awful lot of beer

Munchkin felt loved, which was kind of the whole point, and as I told So Midwestern yesterday, she does very well as the center of attention. That actually sounds bad...I don't mean to imply that she seeks or demands attention, just that her reaction to something like this is an overwhelming joy at having so many people around that she cares about.

And many, many thanks to Big Sis who did the vast majority of the work to pull this together. It was her house, and she took care of the food and the tent and everything else. I really only had to deal with inviting everyone and delivering the guest of honor:-).

She and Frenchie have been at the beach all week, and the rest of us are headed down tomorrow (except for The Boy, who is headed down with his friend on his friend's new of the three worst ideas I have ever heard;-)). Should be a great weekend! The house will be packed, the weather looks good, and it's a full four days long. How can that possibly not be awesome?

I'm going to leave you with a question that I have sort of asked before, and which is prompted by observations of parents and later-teenaged children at the same party:

How did you parents treat alcohol around you at almost-drinking age? And how do you (or do you plan to) treat it with your kids? If you are at the same place, and not traveling anywhere, would your parents let you drink...a little? A lot? Strictly forbidden?

My observational analysis says that this is all over the place, so I'd like to hear what you think!