Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Can you miss something that was never really there?

So...my boobs...seriously.

As you are all probably more aware than you should be, I have never really had any boobs. OK, so I have boobs, but they are really tiny and always have been. Which has never really bothered me...I would like to fill out a dress better, but I like not having to wear bras all the time, and my boobs kind of fit me. I am tiny, so it seems appropriate that I also have tiny boobs.

Then I got pregnant and they got bigger. Then I had the babies and they got much bigger...like, almost full-sized real woman boobs! And that was fun...I made as much use of them as I could while I had them, knowing that they would go away.

Now comes the bad news about baby-related boobs...when they go away, they really go away. Like, they end up smaller than they ever started. And, when you don't have a whole lot to start with, well, it is a pretty depressing sight.

I may have to look into getting implants, although I think the surgeon would probably be really confused at my request to be "A small A cup"...

Monday, May 23, 2011

Summer already?

So...Memorial Day is next weekend? When the fuck did that happen? Not that winter hasn't seemed like it has been here forever, but it now seems like summer has snuck up on us, too. Maybe because it has been cold and rainy for the last...well, forever...

Anyway, Munchkin finishes school on Thursday, and is moving to the beach this weekend, save for a couple of trips back in the next few weeks to fulfill her prom obligations:-P. Let the jealousy begin! She has a new job this summer as a waitress...no more working at the ice cream place. And still at least two babysitting jobs, so she will be really, really busy. Somehow, I imagine she will still find time to hang out with her friends and break all the boys' hearts;-)

Honestly, I would love to be staying with her for the whole summer, but that's just not gonna work out this year. Boo!!! Her brother is going to come and stay again for the first two weeks of June, as is now a yearly tradition. She could probably be fine on her own, but I am not quite ready to do that just yet;-)

On a similar note, she managed to go to all three Cubs games at Fenway Park this weekend. While she may be losing her connections to Chicago, she has most definitely not lost her love of the Cubs...and since they were playing in Boston for the first time in like 100 years, she of course had to build her weekend around it. Who knows if it could be another 100 years before they come back:-)

Frenchie is coming here in a couple of weeks, and she is going to go there towards the end of the summer again. I am strongly considering going with her, but haven't made up my mind yet...it is really tempting!

Um...have I mentioned the disappearance of my boobs? Yea, I will cover that tomorrow...

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Sesame Street

The girls like their high chairs...which is nice because they will sit there for a bit peacefully so long as one of us is in the room with them. That makes it pretty easy to clean the kitchen up while they giggle and play with whatever they can get their hands on. An easy way to extend that window is to turn on some Baby Einstein or Sesame Street videos for them...so, usually after they eat their dinner, we give them some finger foods (cheerios, Goldfish, crackers, whatever) and fire up YouTube to keep them entertained for a bit.

I am not gonna lie: the Baby Einstein shit is weird. But they love it.

Sesame Street, however, is just plain awesome. And in tribute, I present to you the following list of my very favorite Sesame Street clips for Baby Meal Time. Many feature celebrities, but not all...and seriously, you should watch them all. They are mostly short and every one of them will make you smile:-)

5. Adam Sandler: A Song About Elmo. This one takes a while to get going and is sort of a mess (hey, it is Adam Sandler) but it totally rocks by the end. There are bananas and dragons and all sorts of made up words that rhyme with Elmo, so how can you really go wrong? I like how both Elmo and Adam Sandler refer to themselves in the third person, too.

4. Will.i.am: What I am. OK, so he gave sort of a jackass interview recently, but I am going to ignore that for the time being. This is just super adorable and catchy and just wonderful all over:-) (Have I ever posed my Fugees-Black Eyed Peas question here? Which would be worse...being the non-Wyclef, non-Lauren Hill member of the Fugees, or being one of the non-Will.i.am non-Fergie members of the Black Eyed Peas? The Fugees are way cooler, but that guy has no one to share his pain, so...?)

3. Jason Mraz: Outdoors. I adore this:-) So much so that I will even say that it has kind of made me a Jason Mraz fan. Elmo's backup singing is just outstanding, too! It just makes me want to find Big Bird and Jason Mraz and have a picnic in a park!

2. Feist: Counting to Four. This and Jason Mraz are sort of tied, I guess. I would accept either one as #2. I always liked this song, so having it Sesame-ified is starting from a good place. But it has just the right mix of seriousness and playfulness...she definitely is not as comfortable in a humorous setting as, say, Adam Sandler is...but she pulls out four chickens just back from the shore! That is hard to top:-)

1. Elmo's Ducks. If you don't think this is the cutest thing ever, then you are simply a communist, plain and simple. "Everybody get together!" "Very good, ducks!" And the last duck? With the hoarse quack and the spinning problem? He is just plain freaking awesome. Add in Elmo's sweet country music shirt, his guitar and the dimmed-lights seriousness of having no ducks? Seriously, I dare you to watch that and not sing the song all day long!

And there, you have it. My favorite Sesame Street clips:-)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Proms and Such

Follow-up to Munchkin being invited to every prom in Greater Boston...

I told her that I wasn't real keen on her going to the Junior Prom that is not for her own school or with Smoking Hot Roommate's cousin's son. The issues are that it is a little ways away, I don't know the boy at all, and she will only know one other person there (a good friend of hers from that town who is going with her boyfriend.) They planned to go to a party at someone's house afterward and then sleep at her friend's house (who is from that town and is good friends with Munchkin's date...make sense?). I don't know that I am terribly opposed...I just didn't love the idea.

She was a little surprised, so we got to talking about it. I explained that I could see where her friend became pre-occupied with her boyfriend and Munchkin finds herself kind of alone. She didn't seem all that concerned, so I told her that it would be pretty easy to see where her date may have different hopes or expectations than she does, and how that could get really awkward or even dangerous.

That made her laugh quite a bit. "You mean like, he thinks we are gonna have sex and I don't?". And yes, that was kinda my point. "Didn't I tell you that he's gay?" Well, no. No, you didn't. (Actually turns out that he is gay but hasn't come out to many people, although Munchkin is one of them...which I totally understand. She has that effect on people, people just naturally want to tell her everything!)

And yes, that kinda does makes it sorta better. I trust gay guys around her way more than I trust the straight ones;-) Not sure this alleviates my fears of drinking, driving, drugs and whatnot...but at least I know he won't try anything funny!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Being a Bad Blogger

Has it really been over a week since I blogged? (Don't answer that, I already know...)

Since we last spoke, LK has started walking, and MA is pretty much there. About a week ago, she just stood up and toddled across the room, and was super proud of herself! As she should be:-) MA seems to be determined to catch up, and actually likes walking around a lot more, even though she needs to hold onto something. We went to the Arboretum with The Boy's parents on Sunday and LK was perfectly content to ride around in the stroller all day, but MA just wanted to hold on to someone's hand and walk. And giggle:-)

While I appreciate the ambition, she can't quite keep up much of a pace. Still, I have to feel like she is a day or two away from walking on her own without holding anything, and that will be really big news!

Mother's Day was nice, definitely low key. I got a couple of cards and The Boy made me breakfast (but he makes me breakfast most days, so that isn't a huge difference:-)). Munchkin bought me flowers and wrote me a card that made me cry...also nothing new there;-). Then, The Boy's Mom and Dad came down and we went to the aforementioned Arboretum for the Lilac festival. It was really hopping on Sunday, and such a pretty place:-) If you are ever in Boston...

Munchkin has like two weeks of school left...JEALOUS!!!

Monday, May 02, 2011

The Royal Wedding

OK, so I didn't watch the wedding, but I did see the (completely ridiculously over-the-top) recaps of it later in the day. And for now, I will skip over the part of completely not understanding the love of the royal family...

I wanna talk superficial stuff!!! First, William is not aging well: he was better looking at 23 or 25 than he is now. Maybe it is the hairline, but his teeth seem to be getting weird, too.

Kate, however, is a complete fox and always has been.

I liked the dress, but maybe didn't totally love it. I think that she was likely restricted to doing something that is at least a little bit more stuffy than she maybe wanted to, but she did still manage to have a very deep V that gave it some sexiness. But the sleeves and veil and whatnot I could have done without. If you start with the assumption that the dress has to be BIG (anything else wouldn't look grand enough in Westminster Abbey) and somewhat staid, then I guess it was really nice. But I wasn't blow away.

Pippa, on the other had...holy shnikes!!! LOVED, LOVED, LOVED that dress! And I love that she and Kate had the stones to but the maid of honor in white:-) Tradition be damned! And clearly, that dress wouldn't work on anyone who doesn't have her body, but still, that was a complete show-stopper. The pictures of her leading all of the flower girls and ring bearers in look like a scene out of a fairy tale.

The Queen looked super cute, too! Loved the yellow and loved her hat:-) Prince Charles was notably inconspicuous, but I think that makes sense. Everyone seemed so intent on reflecting on Diana during this that he couldn't really be prominent without stirring some likely angry emotions...same with Camilla (but seriously, can we just appreciate that they are happy together?). I do think it is cool that he wore a sword to church:-)

Anyway, that represents my entire thoughts on the event;-)