Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Comment Policy, redux

I have had a couple of people ask why their comments don’t show up right away, so I will reiterate the comment policy.

The reason is that I monitor the comments. I know, unfair and Big Brother-ish of me, but too bad! I do this because, even though I would like to be really anonymous, that is not entirely possible unless I cut out big parts of me, which kind of defeats the purpose. If you know me at all and stumble across this, it will be pretty obvious that it is me, and then all of the other people become pretty obvious as well. Seriously…do you think I could possibly tell someone “Oh, that must be some other girl from Chicago who adopted her little sister…”?See what I mean?

So I monitor the comments, which means I have to approve them before they get posted. Feel free to yell at me and call me an idiot if you want, though, I will publish those…the only things I have rejected (and will reject going forward) are things that include anyone’s real name, or things that are just plain disgusting. Not that you need to keep anything clean, just don’t ask me if I want to sleep with you…just because I like to talk about sex does not mean I want to have it with you. And mostly, don’t say “Hey [real name here] I found your blog!”

Stick to these rules, and we will all be happy:-) I get emails when comments show up, so they should get approved within like an hour or so at the latest.

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