Monday, June 30, 2008

J. Munchkin.

Good morning everyone:-) Did you miss me? You probably cried a lot...I understand. No need to worry, though, I am back.

The weekend was awesome, and I am really looking forward to going back this weekend for the rest of the festivities. As a reminder, this was a family-friendly, G-rated beach weekend with tons of sun and sand and good food and such. Next weekend is the all-girls booze-fest. Trouble will be had.

Munchkin really wants to go next weekend, but I am putting the kibosh on that. I don't want to leave her home alone when we go out, and I don't wanna have to worry about getting out of control a little bit. Read: me gonna be drunkey-drunkey.

Speaking of her...when The Boy and I finally got there on Thursday, she and her big sisters were cocktailing on the deck. I was greeted by a vision of her with ultra-blond hair (it gets really blond in the sun), white polo with her collar up, Nantucket red shorts, flip flops and super-chic aviator sunglasses. Oh my god, who replaced my little sister with a J. Crew model?

We didn't really do a ton all weekend. Hung out on the beach, played in the water, ate a lot. Drank a lot. Actually, I slept a lot, too, which was nice. The weather was very nice...even the thunderstorms were sorta cool when they came.

This weekend we will be a little trendier...likely to get dressed up and go out at least a couple of times. Not sure who is on Munchkin duty just yet:-) Papa Bear might take her to the beach, but if she wants to stay home, I will have to make some arrangements. She has some friends she could probably stay with, or Twin Sister said she would gladly watch her if need be, too. At this point, it is kind of a low-maintenance babysitting job...

I guess that is about it...kind of a boring post. New thought for the day which, if no one else, Aaron will appreciate. Well, now I better get back to work...

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Long Weekend #1 of 2

I have a little time this morning before I leave for the (looong) weekend, so I figured I would drop in here so that you don't have to go like a full week without me:-). I know how difficult that can be....

We were planning on leaving early this morning, but The Boy felt like he needed to go to work for a bit and get some stuff done, so he is going to put in a half day and then we are gonna leave around lunch. Fine with me...I am in no huge hurry, and this leaves me with some me-time:-). Well, not totally by myself...I am dog sitting...

Munchkin left yesterday via sailboat with Papa Bear, Smoking Hot Roommate and some other people, which means two things. One, Papa Bear's dog is staying with me and we are driving her with us to the Hamptons. And maybe back on Sunday, depending on how he gets back from there. We went for a lovely walk this morning:-). Two, plenty of alone time with The Boy!

I am not sure I have ever really explained how much I like having sex outside. OK, maybe I have. Not like "ass on bare ground and leaves" outside...but "on the table on my deck" outside. Fortunately, no one can see onto my deck (unless you have binoculars from one angle...please tell me you don't have binoculars), but it is still complete with all of the sounds and smells of the city. It makes me feel kinda slutty, and I am always a fan of that;-). The chill you get from a little breeze after you get a little bit sweaty...yikes...better than any vibrator... (I really, really hope that Jenn's Grandfather doesn't read this today...if so, many, many apologies...:-D)

So, we christened the deck for this year, and I am happy about that. Actually, I am not sure I won't divert him there again when he comes to meet me after work. Something about him in a suit...grrr...

OK, I am totally off track. Sorry, it happens. Back to the plot, The Boy, the dog and I are leaving about Noon and getting there I-don't-know-when. There may be a ferry involved, I am not sure. I will provide the car, and he can do the driving. Why must men always drive? Fine with me, but it seems to be something with the Y chromosome...

This should be a really fun weekend. Very tame compared to the mess that we should cause next weekend, but just as much fun. Lottsa sun, some beach, maybe go out a couple nights...we shall see! In the meantime, I hope every can manage without me;-)

Have a great weekend!

OK, I have gotten totally sidetracked.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Quick...what is the capital of Alaska?

I am a little surprised that I didn't get a little bit more of a reaction from the teen pregnancy pact story yesterday. Seriously...these girls sat down together at age 16, and planned to all get pregnant together. Who the fuck gets herself pregnant at 16 on purpose?! Also, it hasn't really come out, but there is absolutely no way on earth that there are 17 different fathers. There are a couple of 16 or 17 year old boys who now have 2-3 kids...good luck with that.

I know that some people have blamed it on the glamorization of teen pregnancy in things like Juno and some other stuff. There could well be some truth to that, but I don't know that I am willing to just blame it on Hollywood. A lot of this has to fall on the families. Teen pregnancy used to have a stigma, and to be honest, that is not totally unhealthy. And that stigma should come mostly from the overriding thought that "My mother will kill me if I do this."

Which is not to say that teen mothers should be branded with scarlet letters and shunned by society. The truth is that there are a lot of really good mothers who had babies long before they probably should have. But, VERY few people are emotionally, financially and otherwise prepared to really care for a baby. Scratch that...very few couples, and almost no individuals. My guess is that these 17 babies in Gloucester are not attached to any couples...I don't see a forthcoming wave of marriages to follow.

I know that shit happens, and kids make stupid mistakes. Me included. What is alarming about this is that it wasn't a mistake...this was a conscious decision made by children who are not equipped to make that kind of a decision. And there was not enough moral guidance around them that was able to input the correct decision-making framework into the situation.

Before anyone gets snippy...I am fully aware that I am not exactly June Cleaver. I have acquired the responsibility for a 13 year old, and I routinely break all kinds of parenting rules (she has no bedtime, she had very fuzzy "family" boundaries, she spends an inordinate number of nights every month sleeping in other places, she hangs out in bars...the list is pretty well documented.)

But you know what I do? I talk to her. A lot. About what she does all day, who she sees, what they talk about, etc. And we talk about all kinds of things that are at least a little uncomfortable for me to think about when they involve my baby sister. But if I don't talk to her about it, somebody else will. Mostly, I don't want her to ever think she needs to go somewhere else.

What's my point? My point is don't have to be mother or father of the year to be able to convince your 16 year old not to get pregnant on purpose. Just take the time to impart some common sense.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Is it the weekend again yet?

I have three unrelated things today...two small notes and a disturbing story. So let's get right to it.

1) Tinkerbelle's Mom has to have back surgery later this summer. She did some damage to a disk moving some furniture around and they need to fix it. Which means that I get to babysit:-) I am either going to go out there for a bit, or she is going to come and stay here for a bit. Just like 4-5 days or so while she gets through the hardest part of the recovery. Very excited:-)

2) Golf yesterday. We played when we got back from the beach and here were the scores:

Big Sis: 59
Munchkin: 59
AM: 52
Smoking Hot Roommate: 35

That is my best score ever! I did really good:-) Never mind SHR...she doesn't count...

3) Anyone seen this story? Short version...a bunch of 16 year old girls may or may not have made a pact to get pregnant and have babies together this year. I am having a hard time getting my thoughts together on that one...didn't there used to be a stigma to being an unwed, pregnant teen? Is shame always a bad thing?

I am sure some other people have more articulate thoughts on this than I do...I can't get very far past "What a bunch of stupid whores"...


Short week for me, I have Thursday and Friday off for the first half of SHR's bachelorette party. I think I will have to work next week, so I won't be able to stay the whole time, but I will be there for four days this weekend, and then probably four days again next weekend. Kind of hard to argue with that;-)

Hope everyone else had a nice weekend!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Looking around the blog world, and Q&A

I am not feeling like a very creative blogger today. Not that I am really that creative on a daily basis...just even less so today. So, I guess...some random notes from around the blogosphere...

Megan cracks me up constantly. Pretty sharp wit on that one, I tell you;-)

I have randomly discovered in the last few days that I have a lot of family-related things in common with both Jenn and I'm Not Carrie Bradshaw. Jenn has some father issues and some younger half-siblings just like me (for which I did what I do best...offer unsolicited and possibly unnecessary advice;-)). And INCB has a younger half brother that is just about the same age as Tinkerbelle, too.

Jessie has discovered that Carson Daly apparently has an eating (and tanning) disorder.

Don't ask me how I know, but GreenLineBoy got married about a month ago, I think. It would be nice if we could get him to un-retire from blogging, but I don't hold out a lot of hope...

I strongly encourage everyone to lobby Jenny to get a tattoo. Or two. Look, all her friends have them! All the cool kids are doing it! Like So Midwestern, for example;-)

Billy is officially an America-Hater;-). No word on which perfect other country he is thinking of moving to...I will await that anxiously:-P

Still Just Me may be embarking on a trip through family-court paradise. Send good luck her way...that can be a struggle.

And for chrissakes...where's Ally? I miss her:-(

How is that for a lazy-woman's blog? Just highlighting other people's work...

And, since I am out tomorrow and will be at the beach all weekend, I won't be posting until at least Monday anyway. C' is summer...I can't be expected to be as productive now as I was in the colder months...


How about Q&A? I haven't done that for a while, and I feel like I have some newer, anyone have anything they are dying to know? I promise to use my four days off to write a really good response...:-)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Kitten Has Claws

The Celtics won the NBA Championship last night, and I let Munchkin stay up to watch the whole game. The Boy was lobbying to take her to a bar to watch the game, but I didn't want her out that late. We all know that I am OK with her hanging out in bars...but the game started after 9:00, which is way past the time limit. Anyway, I feel like it was not nearly as big a deal as the Red Sox winning the World Series last year, but that could just be me.

But I let her stay up, and she was very excited by the whole thing. And then she was one miserable, grumpy little bitch when I woke her up this She is actually in school this week...taking summer acting lessons;-) I let her stay home this morning and sleep in. I suppose if I wanted to teach her a lesson, I would have made her go, but I don't see where that would have accomplished much. She doesn't need any lessons;-). I told her to call me when she wakes up and I will run home and bring her over. Or, she could probably walk herself over (although I would be terrified until I knew she got there safely...)

I feel like taking a long walk later on. It is really a beautiful day out, and it makes me want to enjoy the city. Like...walk over to Tia's for a drink after work, then walk someplace for dinner, then walk someplace for dessert. Just seems like a good night to be out and around. I bet if I ask real nice, I can convince Smoking Hot Roommate, The Rocket Scientist or The Boy to help me out with that;-)

So, let's see what else is new. Actually not much. I was out of the office yesterday, and today I need to write up all of my notes, but don't have a really busy day.

Which means that any of you who have been secretly saying "Gee, I should really IM AM some day...she seems like a lot of fun to waste an afternoon with..." today is the day;-) I will be waiting patiently...

Sunday, June 15, 2008

"Father's" Day

First, two notes on Thursday's post. 1) Munchkin is not a softball fan. She doesn't like that it is viewed as a "girl's" game and that only boys are tough enough to play baseball. And 2) It turns out that her baseball career is not quite over yet. She was picked to be on the league All-Star team, so she still has some playing left to do. She is the only girl who made the team:-) Now they play the All-Stars from other leagues. So, she is very excited by that.

Moving on...

I feel like I should write about my Father today. Father's Day has always, of course, made me think about him. For the first 20 or so years, there was a lot of wishing that I would find him. Then I did, and the next four or five included a lot of wishing that I either hadn't found him, or that he was an entirely different person.

You see, my Father was a bad person. Not just a bad Father and a bad Son. Or a bad Brother. He was all of those, but he was also a junkie, a pusher and possibly much worse (I can't say for sure that he wasn't a murderer.) At least before I met him, I could imagine something better of him. So, if I had never met him, my image of him would have been much better.

Of course, if I had never met him, then I never would have met his wonderful family. And I never would have met the spectacularly adorable Tinkerbelle:-). So, I guess, like most things, I have to take the good with the bad...that's OK, I can really easily forget about him and pay attention to the rest of them.

So what did I do on Father's Day? Well, we skipped the beach this weekend because the forecast was good for Saturday but miserable for Sunday. The day therefore started with waking up next to The Boy, which is a great way to start any day, in my book. We (he, Munchkin and I) went out to his parents house around lunchtime to see his Dad. Twin Sister, her wife and the baby were there (which begs the question...when two lesbians have a baby, who gets to celebrate Father's Day...?)

The Boy was staying for dinner, but Munchkin and I left so that we could meet up with Papa Bear and the girls. It makes me feel pretty special to be included in the Father's Day activities. Obviously, Papa Bear has been as much of a Father to me as anyone, so I appreciate the chance to spend Father's Day with him. And with his real kids;-)

Just like last year, he requested that we just stay at SHR's place and throw some stuff on the grill. Really, he wanted to watch golf;-). I have to be honest...I enjoy playing golf, but watching it?...I just don't get it. But the guest of honor gets what he wants! And that Tiger fellow is pretty darn good...

Thursday, June 12, 2008

The last inning

The heat wave finally broke, and today is absolutely spectacular. If we had more days like this (more than the...I dunno...five a year), no one would ever find the need to go to Aruba. If I had a laptop battery that last 8 hours, I would go and sit on a bench in the Public Garden and work from there. The swans could be my inspiration:-)

So...Big Sis and I went on a little excursion last night to take a look at a few things, most notably this. Holy. Fucking. Shit. Absolute fucking rocket ship. Now, about two years ago, I took Smoking Hot Roommate out to look at a Vanquish, which was very similar, but a little bigger, and even a little more expensive. (Long story on why we were doing that...)

For some reason, they only made them for a few years, so they don't make them anymore. This one has little less of the "raw power" but is actually a little faster. The guy from the dealership said, with a straight face... "The DBS is quicker, but it doesn't have the same top speed as the Vanquish. This tops out on the track at about 195." Like, that was a downside...if you have somewhere to go, and you can only get there by driving 200 miles and hour...well, then this just won't do.

Anyway, she has an appointment at another place on Sunday afternoon to look at some other things. I am not sure if I will be able to go with her...depends on whether we go to the beach, and when we get back. I hope so, is really fun! Makes me feel like a total rockstar.

Kind of a sad day for me. Tonight is Munchkin's last baseball game of the season, and possibly her last one ever. Next year, the kids all play in the next division, on a full-sized field, and there aren't really any girls. In the next year or too, they go through the age where the boys just get so much bigger and stronger that the girls can't really play anymore. I suppose she could still play, but I don't know whether she will want to or not.

Which is really too bad, because she LOVES baseball. And she is very good! She has hit two home runs this year, and is one of the best players on the team. Everyone has to play at least three of the six innings, so every team has like 3 or 4 kids that play the whole game, and then everyone else plays half the game. She almost always plays the whole game, and I don't think that there are any other girls in the league that do that. At least none that I have seen.

So next year, she could decide to keep playing for at least another year, or she could play softball (which she could play all the way through high school). Or should could play another sport entirely. She started lacrosse at school this year and really liked it, so maybe she could try that...or spring soccer.

Whatever she is just another sign that she is growing up.

After her game, chicken fingers...some things don't have to change yet;-)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Anyone else's air conditioning broken? Because mine is! The good news is that it only reached 97 degrees in the city yesterday. That is the hottest June 11 on record, but only by only one degree. Not like it was 100...

Oh, and we live on the fourth floor, which does not help. I opened the door yesterday when I got home and it felt like I was stepping into a toaster oven. Opening all the windows and turning on the fans didn't help at just circulated the 105 degree air in the apartment in favor of the 95 degree air outside.

So what did I do? Well, I called the slumlord that owns my apartment and made her send someone over to fix it. (Hee hee...for those that are just joining us, Smoking Hot Roommate is my landlord...she owns the place. She is most definitely not a slumlord, the place is actually very, very nice. And un-slummy). The bad news is that they can't come until this afternoon...blpph...

To solve this problem, Munchkin and I grabbed some clothes and stayed at SHR's place (that would be the one she actually lives in...confused yet?), where the air conditioning was working just fine! Sort of a throwback evening, to way back before the New know, when we lived there:-P.

I dug into my book of mothering wisdom and decided that any day that hot should warrant ice cream for dinner. Possibly the best decision I made all day. By that time it was not too bad to be out walking around, and the ice cream was really good:-).

Car shopping with Big Sis tonight...should be FUN!!! The Boy is back tonight from his weekend and then a work trip, too, which will be fun on a whole different level...;-) I wouldn't be totally heartbroken if the little one decided to sleep over at a friends house or something...hee hee...

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Accidentally Tiger

Who's the best golfer ever? Well, not me...but I did win something, which I am very excited about. And not just heat stroke! Although that was a threat, since it was about 98 degrees and very humid....I was a Gatorade drinking freak all day long.

Anyway, I think I did pretty well. We were playing as a team, where everyone hits a tee shot and then you pick the best one and then everyone hits a second shot from there, and then you pick the best one and so on and so forth. We used three of mine, which I though was about as good as I could hope for. One was a driver on a hole where the women's tee was like 150 yards in front of the men's tee, and I hit a pretty good shot that was out ahead of the guys because I started so far up.

And then I made a putt that was like 10 feet long, which is probably a record for me. If you have never played golf...putting is HARD. Like...really hard. And it looks so easy! They told me to go first on every putt so that I could "show them the line". On about the 12th hole, I finally asked them what that But I made one long one, which I was pretty happy about.

My highlight of the day, though, was on one of the really short holes. There were contests for who could hit the ball closest to the pin for both men and women. On one of them, I hit mine really close and ended up winning the contest for women. Hell's yeah!!! I won two dozen golf balls. I have no use for that many, but I still feel like I accomplished something!

All in all, it was really fun. Certainly better than working! The guys from work are always fun to hang out with, and they didn't make fun of me for sucking at golf so much:-) We ended up finishing in fifth place out of like 30 teams, which I thought was pretty good. If their fourth player had been good (instead of me:-P) they probably could have won. However, that player would not have looked nearly as cute as I did:-D.

So, I got home from that at about 4:00, took a very cold shower, and then got a salad and some lemonade and watched Munchkin's baseball game...which is a pretty nice day in my book!

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Burnt and Happy

I am out of the office tomorrow, so I am gonna get ahead of the game and blog tonight:-). Munchkin, being the super-connected socialite, is at the Celtics game, and I am waiting up for her to get home. Way past her bedtime, but it seemed like a special enough occasion. She is gonna be a bear when I wake her up tomorrow morning...

The weekend was awesome, although it is now hotter than a fucking blast furnace. It was incredibly hot around here all weekend, but it was actually a little chilly on Saturday at the beach, and today was just abso-fucking-lutely gorgeous.

I am, however, bearing at least a moderate resemblance to a steamed lobster at the moment. I got a TON of sun today, and am in need of a little bit of skin lotion. Who thinks I can convince The Boy to rub aloe all over me? I think I can sell him on that;-) Speaking of the handsome devil...I haven't seen him since Friday morning, and I miss him terribly!

Nothing terribly exciting going on this week, save for the car shopping;-). Other than being out of the office tomorrow, the week shouldn't be too terribly busy. Oh, and why am I out of the office? Why, golf of course! A bank we work with has a foundation and they are having a tournament to benefit the foundation. One of the VP's that was supposed to play has some actual work to do, so I am taking his place. I am actually kinda nervous...I have only every played with Munchkin, Smoking Hot Roommate and Big Sis. I am a little scared at what someone else might think of my (complete lack of) skills.

But seriously, how hard can it be? As long as I remember sunblock;-)

Friday, June 06, 2008

A Five-Pack of Fun

The Boy points out that it is a good thing his Mom loves me so much;-). Twin Sister notes that seeing a text message referencing me naked probably wasn't nearly as bad as the first time she saw her daughter kiss another girl;-) Both excellent points!


It took four days for the boys at camp to become smitten over Munchkin. Actually, it took four days for me to hear about probably happened faster. The girl has skills, what can I say?


So, this big giant thing that we have been working on recently...well, it reached a big milestone yesterday, and our role is pretty much done. I ain't naming names, or telling you who we were working for, but a scan of the business news should give you an idea of the basic thing I am talking about.

So what does this mean? First, that I won't be so busy for the next month as I was for the last...which is good news, since I have some vacation-type things to do and would have disliked working through all of them. Second, hopefully a big fat bonus:-). I will find out about that, hopefully soon! And third, it was just an interesting deal. This company got sold twice in the last year and we helped both times...and it was interesting to see how fast the "smart money" could recognize a new environment and change their strategy so fast to adapt. I guess that is why they are the "smart money".

But let's focus on that second point some more;-)


I have some car shopping to consult on next week...and that is always fun. My appreciation of cars is really random and totally inexplicable, but it is very real. Big Sis has one of these that is two years old, but she is bored and wants something new. I know I can count on her to get something that is completely absurd, totally over the top, and incredibly fun. Like this, or this, or this, or this. Smoking Hot Roommate has one of these that is three years old and wants something bigger and more functional. I will have much more fun picking out something for her than she will;-)


Finally a beach weekend! I can't wait to get into a bikini, get some color and enjoy the summery weather! Munchkin, SHR and I are trying to be on the road by 3:00, which is maybe a little ambitious, but is a noble goal. We are without the boys this weekend (softball tournament for The Boy, work for The Rocket Scientist) but the house should be pretty busy...quite a few SHR-family members will be there.

So, that's my five-part Friday smorgasbord...hope everyone has a super-fun weekend!!!

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Adventures in texting

Text messages you wish you hadn't sent to your boyfriend after you find out that he was with his mother, she saw his phone buzz, said "Oh, you have a message from AM" and opened the phone to read it to him?

How about...

"Wake me when you get here. I'll be naked to speed things up."


In truth, it could have been a LOT worse. He really needs to keep a better eye on that phone;-)

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

I Promise to Keep My Clothes On

OK...commuting is less fun in the

As promised yesterday, details on Smoking Hot Roommate's bachelorette party, which Big Sis has finally gotten ironed out. She is in charge because she is the Maid of Honor, and because she should be in charge of everything. Shit gets done when she is on the scene;-)

In the end, it has ballooned into a 10 day extravaganza, although the actual bachelorette party portion of the whole thing will be the last 3-4 days. The location is a lovely little bungalow in Southampton that Big Sis has rented for the occasion (or Westhampton?...can some one explain the idea of towns, villages, hamlets and the like? I don't get it).

She has the place for something like June 25 through the weekend of July 4th, and she and SHR will be there pretty much the whole time. The first weekend will be much more of a family-friendly vacation...Papa Bear is going down, as are a bunch of aunts and uncles and cousins and such. And then the family is going home and the friends are all rolling in for the long weekend. Including The Body and The Mouth, who I haven't seen in FOREVER!!! Seriously, what could possibly go wrong...?

Munchkin is definitely coming down for the first part, but I think I am going to send her home before the real party starts. Not that I really think anyone is gonna get into that much trouble, but she is just a little too young. She is also going to Chicago like a week after that, and I would rather she not have any interesting stories to tell...those people already hate me enough, I don't need to give them any "lawsuit fodder". Plus, I would rather not have to feel like I always had to look out for her. I dunno, I could change my mind...I know SHR would like her there.

SHR, Papa Bear and a couple of their relatives are actually sailing down there. She asked me if I wanted to come with them and I couldn't help laughing. I enjoy sitting out on a boat with a cold one just as much as the next girl, but open-ocean sailing just doesn't appeal to me. I have like a 3 hour boat maximum...then it stops being fun. Notice that they didn't even bother asking Big Sis;-) Actually, maybe Munchkin would like to sail down...she has more sailing experience than I do...

Anyway, that's the plan...the beach, some booze and a whole lot of party. Looking forward to it!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

The Morning Commute

I am incredibly lucky to be able to walk to work. My basic commute can be seen on this map here. Now, in the interest of discouraging the stalkers, I don't live at that exact address and I don't work at that exact address, but they are both pretty close. And, I actually have to hook a right down Park St to get Munchkin to school...but you get the idea. MapQuest says it is .57 miles, which seems about takes me like 10 minutes to get her to school and get to work.

Long and short...I never drive to work, and I never have had to deal with the concept of a "morning commute". Well, Munchkin is out of school for the summer now (anyone else jealous?) and she has begun her summer activities. For the next two weeks, she is in camp at a school out in the 'burbs. One of her city friends are in the same camp, so I drive them out there every morning, and the other girl's Mom picks them up (it's in Weston, and if we go back to MapQuest, you can see how I get there).

[Speaking of which...what a ridiculous place Weston is...but that is a whole other subject...median income is $191,000, average home price in the first quarter was $1.44 million...yikes...]

Anyway, this is the first time I have ever had to get up in the morning and drive anywhere. And, to be honest, it is kinda fun! Now, I am sure that all of you who do this every day are groaning at my wide-eyed naivete...and I completely appreciate that doing this every day would be a serious pain in the ass. But I kinda like to get up, get an iced coffee and chat with the little one in the car. Plus, I can listen to all sorts of dorky radio to feed my politics addiction (Imus, anyone?).

You can all feel free to point at me and laugh at the silly girl who likes commuting...but I don't care. I only have to do it for two weeks and it is not that bad in small quantities! Says the girl who hasn't had to refill the gas tank at $4 a gallon yet...

Anyway, I am enjoying my commute;-)

On another subject, we have finished off the Bachelorette Party plans, and I will fill you in tomorrow...this post is too long already. And really dumb!

Monday, June 02, 2008

Re-finding my Mojo

Good morning everyone:-) How was the weekend? As Brookem has already noted, yesterday was a spectacularly beautiful day around here...just absolutely perfect. It sort of made me wish we had been at the beach...although it was probably cooler there, and therefore not as spectacular. That's weekend, they are calling for 93 in the city on Saturday, which means it will be perfect at the beach! I can't wait!

So, let's see...I blew outta work early on Friday to take Munchkin shoe shopping. She needed shoes for her big thing on Friday. Then we headed back and got her ready...she looked gorgeous, of course:-). I got her over to the dance, dropped her stuff for the night with the people she was staying with, and then went over to meet The Boy.

We had a lovely dinner, and then went back to my place for what turned out to be a whole lot of the best sex I ever remember. Not real sure what the reason was, but it was really fucking outstanding. I just couldn't keep my hands off of him all night. Or morning:-) And I was in a really slutty, dirty kinda mood...hee hee...but I will leave it at that...

Munchkin reports that the sleepover was uneventful. Well, not totally, but it was devoid of any events that I should be worried about. Meaning: any events involving her! She had a really good time at the dance, and the boy she went with was a perfect gentleman all night;-). He apparently didn't take her rejection too harshly, which is good. This girl is gonna leave quite the trail of broken hearts by the time she is done...

She ended up going to the movies with her friends on Saturday night, so The Boy and I offered to babysit for Twin Sister so she and her wife could go out. That was nice, too...the baby slept the whole time we were there:-). However, the activities were much more G-rated than the previous night:-D. Possibly because the presence of a baby totally killed my mood, or possibly because I was a little bit sore...we will call it half of each...

And yesterday was just plain spectacular. Munchkin and I had brunch with Smoking Hot Roommate and Big Sis and then did some walking around, shopping, pretend house hunting, chatting and basically goofing around. Then we had ice cream:-) Then we sat outside and had a drink. Then Papa Bear met us for dinner.

So, all in all, a really, really nice day. And a lovely weekend! I hope yours were all good, too!