Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Deteriorating at a rapid pace

Last Wednesday evening, I managed to acquire a short-term stomach virus. The good news is that it came and went in about 16 hours. The bad news is that those 16 hours were incredibly unpleasant...it was not very sexy.

But, I rallied, and felt better on Friday, and was back to 100% on Saturday.

Right up until I decided that it would be a good idea to chase the girls in circles around the dining room table. I remember thinking "This is probably not a good idea. One of them is going to run into the china cabinet." Approximately 41 seconds later, I kicked said china cabinet, breaking the little toe on my left foot.

I'm sure I have some readers who have broken toes before, but for those who haven't...it is not really that much fun. It doesn't really hurt, per se, but it takes me forever to walk anywhere, and the color is really downright grotesque. I will spare you the pictures...but it looks kinda like it is about to be lost to frostbite!

Clearly, I am not aging well...