Friday, October 20, 2006

Post #1

I think I have a pretty interesting story. A number of people have told me that I should write about it, and since I have a couple of favorite blogs, I figured that this was a pretty good medium to use. I like writing, and I like telling stories, and I hope you like them too. As for why I decided to start now, I don’t really know. I have been sick all week, and crashed when I got home from work. Now it is 11:30, the munchkin is sleeping soundly (more on that in a second), I just woke up and I am wired. Result: blog.

I am also a dork and I want proper spelling, so I am writing these posts in Word and then pasting them into Blogger. I guess that is probably pretty bad form in the blog world, but fuck it. I like to be grammatically correct. Sue me. (Don’t sue me. I have been sued, it is not pleasant. I will tell that story some day).

I guess I will start with the basics. I am 24 and I live in Boston. I was born and raised in Chicago, and left to go to school in Arizona. One of my very best friends there is from Boston and after we graduated I moved back here with her. At that same time, my mother died, leaving my kid sister (she was 10 then, 11 now) an orphan. I couldn’t rightly leave her with our white trash family, so I picked her up and moved her to Boston with me.

If I back up for a second, I just had an epiphany. What is life if not a series of people and relationships? And I think that is a pretty good way to tell you my story…through some discussion of the people that have mattered to me. Good and bad. Since I am going to keep this sort of anonymous (seriously…you know any other people that adopted their little sisters? If you know me, you can connect the dots pretty fast, but I am not gonna go out of my way to help) I am going to give everyone cute nicknames. If you leave any comments and use any real names, I am not going to post them, so keep that in mind.

First up on the list of people that matter to me:

1) The Munchkin (aka, The Midget, The Little One, Pipsqueak, Half Pint, Cutest Girl Ever, or just CGE) – Adorable and perfect. My mother was useless, but she sure got this one right. Munchkin is smart, funny, polite, mature, gets straight A’s, never gives me any trouble, and is basically all around perfect. I am not really even exaggerating. She is in fifth grade now and plays soccer, basketball, flute and baseball. NOT softball…real baseball, and don’t let her hear otherwise. You are going to hear a LOT about Munchkin as time goes along.

2) Mom – I will probably write about her sporadically, but when I do, I will have lots to say. We had a tough relationship, mostly because she was a raging drunk during my formative years. But the heat always worked, there was always food and clothes and she never hit me or anything. A lot of kids have it a lot worse.

3) Father – Deadbeat. Met him when I was 22. Some trivia: my last name doesn’t belong to anyone. My mother gave me his last name, but since they weren’t really…um…”close”, she didn’t know how to spell it right. So my name is spelled totally differently than his (imagine his last name was Phoenix and she spelled it Feenicks on the birth certificate and you get the idea.) He is in prison now and he isn’t getting out.

4) Smoking Hot Roommate – I had trouble coming up with a moniker for her. Even that one isn’t great…she is more than that. She is definitely smoking hot...5’ 7”, blond, legs that go on forever…jealous!!! She also happens to be smarter than you and me combined. And people love her. So basically she is perfect. And she does happen to be my roommate (technically she is my landlord and practically she is a very generous provider of discounted housing…). I am getting kind of tired now, so I am going to put this off until tomorrow. But since Munchkin is sick, too, I have a feeling I am going to have a lot of time tomorrow to write some more. And I promise to give you more on Smoking Hot Roommate.

So, see you tomorrow.


Ally said...

Since you live in Boston, I've got to ask--have you eaten at Anna's Taqueria? I used to date a guy who lives in Newton and got hooked on Anna's quesadillas and Party Favor's icing. Love them!

bostontparties said...

stumbled across your blog and have spent the past half hour engrossed in your stories. keep'em coming, please!

Anonymous said...

i totally just stumbled across your blog, and am smitten. also seriosuly sad that we never got to have a blog hangout when i lived in boston. le sigh.

can't wait to keep reading! xoxo, bb

Anonymous said...

I just joined the blogging community, and your blog has kept me busy reading. i'm with everyone else on this when i say, keep on bloggin'

Allison said...

I just stumbled across your blog yesterday and have been catching up... You had my abs hurting I was laughing so hard...

Thanks for the reads... keep 'em coming :)

Dallas, Texas

Thisisme said...

I've sporadically caught your blog over the years and have been reading it a little more methodically lately. . . this is the first time I read your oringinal entry (: I just started a blog a few days ago - it's quite the feat that you've been writing for so long!!! I enjoy reading it!!