Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Love at First Sight

I have been a terrible Blogger of late, I am aware of this. And I apologize profusely and in the most reverential and sincere manner possible. I promise to do better for at least the rest of this week...

Seems like there is a lot of love-doings in the Blog world lately, and it has got me to thinking. LPEG had a date last Friday, and so did KT. Freeandflawed seems to have realized that a relationship is just not going to be the one, as has Brookem, and (a while back) So Midwestern. Meanwhile, Ally seems to have found someone she really likes, and OC is completely smitten. The Overeducated Nympho has herself two boyfriends...although in classic fashion, one of them is so big she is gonna need to do some Pilates in preparation and the other one shot her in the eye...

I was actually thinking about KT's date recap, and some related conversations about first impressions and, to use the word that comes up a lot, "Sparks". Quite simply, it is the electric feeling you get from some people the first time you meet them. A tingle in your spine and a strong, inexplicable desire to be around that person more and more. It's the perfect guy who takes your breath away the very first moment you see him, makes you melt with a smile and causes you to forget what you were saying and ignore everyone else in the room. It is a staple of every movie or book love story, and it is the kind of thing that every little girl waits her whole life for.

It is also complete bullshit.

I don't believe in sparks. At least I don't believe that they are useful. They certainly exist, but it is a ridiculous fantasy to think that you can have some magical connection with a person the first time you lay eyes on someone. So no, I do not believe in love at first sight.

I don't think you can love someone without knowing them. "Sparks" aren't some kind of mystical fairy-tale love...they are physical attraction. Ever had a tingle the first time you met an ugly person? OF COURSE NOT!!! You don't look at someone the first time and feel a deep spiritual connection, you look at someone and feel like they are hot!

Lifelong happiness doesn't come from falling in love at first sight. It comes from falling in love over an entire relationship.

Soulmates aren't people that make you tingle when you meet them the first time. They are the people that make you tingle when you meet them the 100th time.

Monday, April 28, 2008


Sorry to be a bad blogger, but I have no time today, and will be out tomorrow and didn't want to go four straight days with nothing up here.

So, nothing wrong, just busy:-). Hope everyone has a really nice day on the backs of a lovely weekend...I will try and be back with something good on Wednesday.

I will miss you all terribly!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Tee it up

Good morning and Happy Friday! Who loves weekends? Ahh...everyone's hand went up, outstanding! I am hearing that it is going to get a little bit colder here this weekend, but should still be pretty nice.

Munchkin, Smoking Hot Roommate and I went out after dinner to watch The Boy's softball game because it was so nice. She had a little bit of homework, but it seemed like something she could do at the game, so she just brought it. It was kind of an interesting conversation. Sometimes I forget that she is only 13...I think a lot of times I treat her like an adult because she acts so much like an adult. And because she can be treated like an adult. But every once in a while I am reminded just how young she is. I don't really remember what we were talking about, but I had a "she is so little" moment last night. That's good...makes me feel needed:-)

She starts Spanish class next cute is that? They have had bits and pieces of various languages already, but they start at least one full time during seventh grade, and as prep, they actually start them for about a month during sixth grade to get a head start. So, pretty soon she can be La Munchkinita.

Her brother is irritating me again. He wants her to come out and spend basically the whole summer there. And't. Nor does she want to. He may actually think he is helping me out by offering, but I think he broached the idea to all of their aunts and uncles and cousins and whatnot and they all decided it was a fine plan. I guess it was just him planning so he knew he could actually take her all summer, but now I have them all bitching at me about how great it would be and how much fun they would have and wouldn't I love to have the summer to myself. Which means that now I have to be the bitch again and tell them all no. Whatever...most of them already hate me, so I have no bridges left to burn. Argggh...

On the other sister front, I talked to Tinkerbelle yesterday...she is just the cutest thing ever:-). I was bored at work so I called her after school to chat. Nothing terribly new, but she is always fun to talk to. She gets very excited whenever we talk:-) Funny...I miss her, although I never really knew her that much to miss. Kinda weird, I guess.

In more fun news, golfing tomorrow! First time this season and I am looking forward to it! I am sure I will suck just as badly as I did last year, but will hopefully look super cute doing it. I assume that the first time out every year is pretty bad, since none of us have practiced since last fall (well, except for SHR, cuz she is all good and stuff). Wish me luck!

Not a ton else going on this weekend. I have to take Munchkin to do some more clothes shopping before summer really gets here. And The Boy and I are going out tomorrow night. We may go to a party that some of my friends are having, or we may skip it and just go home...depends on how we feel after dinner. And other than that...not a whole lot. Should be relaxing! Hope yours is, too:-)

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Don't you know who I am?!?

Sorry for skipping yesterday...I was otherwise occupied. Turned into a really busy day with some personal stuff and some work stuff kind of popping up at the last second. But that all seems to be behind me, and today is looking much more wide open:-)

I am hoping to make time for a long lunch, because I wanna go sit outside somewhere and it is GORGEOUS out. If this is global warming, then bring it on, because this is about as nice a month as I ever remember.

I guess I owe you a recap on Hill's big win in Pennsylvania the other night (that seems to have made Brandy quite melancholy). Mostly, this means that we probably have another month or so of this at least. It is like the groundhog...he saw his shadow (or, since he lives in PA, he voted for Hill) and now we get six more weeks of winter/primaries.

Honestly, I think the shine is coming off of Obama. He seems to have run off the rails a little bit here, and he needs to get back on track. He should win North Carolina, and Indiana should be close...we will see if something unusual happens. He is still in good position to win the nomination, but if she gets closer, she could make a pretty compelling argument that she has won most of the states that will matter in November (in fact, you could say that Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Florida are the four biggest states that could go to either party. She won them all, although two of them were uncontested.)

Quick story that is something of a local interest. This little nugget about a general manager of a TV station in Boston. She got all boozed up, threatened some state troopers and got arrested at the airport. Once again, it proves the point...if you have to ask "Do you know who I am?", you are not going to like the answer.

As I see it, there are only two possible answers to that question, and neither is good. 1) "No, I don't know who you are, and therefore you are not nearly as important as you would like to believe." And 2) "Yes, I know exactly who you are, and it doesn't matter." I am not sure which is worse...

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Primarily Excited Again!

Is anyone else really dying for summer to get here? The stretch of nice weather has really gotten me itching for the really good stuff. Sometime really soon it will be time to head to the beach house to get it ready for the season, and that is always a welcome time!

I can't wait to sit on the beach all day. I can't wait for evening margaritas looking out over the ocean. I can't wait for Sunday morning jet ski rides. I can't wait for breakfast on the back deck. I can't wait for the inevitable group of teenage boys who become smitten with Munchkin:-P. Basically, I love summer, I love how I spend my summers and I can't wait for this one to get here.

But first...Pennsylvania! The next in the seemingly endless series of primaries is finally here, and this one looks like it will resolve just as much as the first 40...NOTHING!!! By most polls, Clinton looks to be ahead by about 5 points, a margin which really sheds very little light on the overall race. If she wins by that much, then she will make only a small dent in Obama's leads in delegates, states and votes...but will allow her to pretty clearly claim "momentum". For whatever that's worth.

If she wins by 10, well then she is very definitely back in the race (until next week, at least) and the race could very well go to the convention. But if she wins by just 1 or 2 or loses, well then she is probably pretty much cooked. It would be even more unlikely that she ends up winning, and she would have a hard time convincing people that she was adding a lot by being in the race. More importantly, she would have trouble raising any more money, and at the rate Obama is spending, she needs to raise a lot, and fast.

I have no real insight into this, but I think the state has been so heavily polled that the results will come in close to the poll numbers. Which means she wins by 5 or 6. As for what that means...well, you got me. It is hard for him to argue she should drop out if she just won Texas, Ohio and Pennsylvania. But if seems pretty hard for her to argue that she is making up any real ground and has a real shot at winning.

Monday, April 21, 2008

'Atta Girl

Munchkin was watching Sportscenter with The Boy and her friend yesterday morning, saw this, and announced that she would now like to be a race car driver. Hopefully this idea passes, because I am not sure I could handle her driving race cars...I would be a wreck every second of it. I will try to get her back to "Supreme Court Justice"...that would be easier on me.

But seriously, let's give it up for tiny chicks! Danica Patrick is no bigger than me, for chrissakes! She seems to know her way around a photo shoot, too... So three cheers for tough chicks that can still look really girly:-) And can drive really fast.

Nothing terribly exciting this weekend, actually it was really fun. I got Munchkin and her friend at school on Friday and we eventually went over towards Fenway to eat munchies and watch the Red Sox game. They did sort of kick us out towards the end, but we were probably gonna leave anyway. The two of them were at a party most of the day on Saturday, which I ended up hanging out at for a bit. It was kind of an afternoon barbecue for the kids that was turning into an evening barbecue for adults, so I stuck around a bit when I went to get them.

Then we made cupcakes:-) Lots and lots of cupcakes with all kinds of pretty frosting! Then we ate cupcakes. Lots and lots of cupcakes...

The Boy was out with friends, but he came over late night. Speaking of which...I used to be a really light sleeper. Any kind of noise or disturbance usually woke me up. But totally randomly, sometime in the last six months or so, I have become a much more sound sleeper. He probably got there around 2:00 or so, and I didn't hear him come in or anything. I didn't even know he was there until he got into bed (yea, I gave him his own key...proud of me?). So, I am not sure what it is, but I have become a much better sleeper than I ever was before. Chalk it up to general contentment.

After we took her friend home on Sunday, Munchkin and I did some shopping. She grows so fast that it seems like she she needs new clothes every couple of weeks... And summer is coming, so we needed to get her some things. Nothing terribly exciting (except Old Navy had all of their mannequins in bathing suits, and they were oddly

She has no school today because it is Patriot's Day, which is a made-up Massachusetts holiday that is really "Marathon Monday" but they felt like that was not a reasonable reason for a holiday, I guess. Ys asked via comment the other day whether it is easier to have her in school or out "on holiday" (Love the Brits!!!).

The answer is that school is WAAAAY easier. Without a doubt. When they are out of school, you need to entertain them somehow, and that gets really hard. I am especially lucky because she is in school (well, "at" school) from 8:00-5:00 everyday, so I have no afternoon child care issues like most people have to deal with. Summers are much harder because I have to somehow piece together a schedule of camps, vacations and other assorted activities to keep her busy every day.

I am guessing that the other parents concur with that...?

Friday, April 18, 2008

Some kinda random stuff

A couple of decent party ideas yesterday, although most of you were noticeably silent!!!

Atlantic City is probably a no-go...not worth the drive to get there. It takes less time to fly to Vegas and to be honest, the whole place is kinda skeevy. New York is definitely a possibility. My only concern is that we probably aren't going until late June, and the city is notoriously empty on weekends in the summer. But that might actually be a good thing. Also, if we go we will be out until 4:00 am every night and that probably means leaving Munchkin home.

The weekend is here, yay! And the weather forecast has improved to now call for a pretty decent Saturday. I have nothing really exciting planned...Munchkin's friend is coming home with her tonight and staying until Sunday. They are both huge baseball fans, so I was thinking of maybe taking them over towards Fenway to grab some dinner and watch the game (the bars get really empty during the game and the kids can be in there then. Before and after the games are a madhouse).

By the way...on a little Boston there any place with a less clear vision of itself than Game On? By all accounts, it should be a casual sports bar. It is basically in Fenway Park, only gets busy on the days of Red Sox games and has tons of TV's all over the place. Because of that, people are usually dressed in jeans or shorts, baseball hats, etc. In other words...VERY casual. But then randomly at like 10:00, just as the after-game crowd descends, it tries to become a trendy dance club. It's like being in an Applebee's and then suddenly having a rave turn up. (Note: Ally loves Applebee's! I swear...) Am I missing something?

Anyway. Is The Office much darker since it came back last week? The Jan/Michael thing was really weird and kinda creepy, and his dating efforts were very sad last night. Same with Kevin's story about his fiance leaving him...really much darker than the show usually is. Is Rickey Gervais involved in this at all? The last episode of Extras was very much of the same kind of theme...

How about the earthquake in Illinois? Seriously...that place has gone to pot since I left! BFFg says she got woken up from the shaking. Also, on an unrelated note, she has another date with the as-yet-unamed boy that I set her up with. If this one goes well, I will really have to give him a name soon.

Munchkin and I are headed out there soon, and then she is going out there for at least a week this summer to spend some time with her brother. Tinkerbelle may come and spend a week here, which would be like my favorite thing ever! Maybe I could swap sisters for a Nah, they would wanna hang out together:-) I know that Munchkin would love to bring her to school with her one day, but that will have to wait until at least next year.

Speaking of which...Munchkin only has five weeks of school left! Where the hell did this year go? Anyone remember what happened on her first day of school? I do...that actually seems like a very long time ago, so maybe the year didn't go as fast as I thought it did.

Other than that, I have nothing else for you today. Should be a nice, relaxing weekend full of parenting... hope everyone else enjoys theirs, too.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Cue the Debauchery

A big BLPPHHHTTT! on anyone from Pennsylvania, since no one piped up yesterday. If I had more time, I would go through Sitemeter and figure out who was actually here and kept silent and yell at you individually, but I am not that motivated. I have lost interest...

Spring is here. At least it seems like it. We have had like five straight really nice days in a row now, and it is very refreshing. Not nice in the Aruba/San Diego/Bora Bora sense, but nice by our standards. Like...mid sixties, sunny and very nice. Of course, they are making noise about the weekend being cold, which will suck again, but what are you gonna do? April, May and the first half of June are usually full of crappy weather around here.

On to more enjoyable things, we need to get cracking on Smoking Hot Roommate's bachelorette party. The wedding is in July, and we have to throw her a mother of a bender to celebrate. Big Sis had two last year (London and Newport) so the standard has been set pretty high.

Anyone have any ideas out of the ordinary? We were talking about Vegas over the weekend, but I am not sure we are totally excited about that. It is a long flight, and I would probably have to leave Munchkin home, and we would kind of like to bring her. Then again, SHR, our college friends and I have a VERY lengthy Vegas history...and some of my best (read: most absurd) memories come from there. Stuff that is totally Blog-verbotten...

And someone suggested the Hamptons, which would be fun. Really, there are like a million beach places we could probably pick in late June and have a great time. I don't think we want to leave the country, but it is not totally out of the question...

So...anyone have some unusual ideas that we maybe haven't thought of?

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

In need of Scrapple...

Do I have any readers in Pennsylvania? I know I have an old IM buddy (who is recently engaged, congrats on that one, buddy:-)) from somewhere out near Pittsburgh. I think he still reads. He also shares a name with a very famous American Designer, but that is neither here nor there. No, it is not Michael Kors...

I have also gotten some emails from people in and around Philadelphia in the past, but I am not sure if they all still read or not. Anyway, if you do...I am inviting you all to chime in today on the current state of Political-hysteria in Pennsylvania.

For my foreign readers, a little background. Our slightly-awkward Presidential primary season is nearing its completion. Senator Obama has just about wrapped up the Democratic nomination, but Senator Clinton is still close enough to justify staying in the race. There is one one major primary left that could dramatically shift the landscape: Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania is, I believe, the sixth largest state (California, Texas, New York, Florida, Illinois...I think, and am too lazy to Wiki it) and is also a key swing state in the fall. Again, for the uninitiated, many states have heave partisan leanings and in a close election, will reliably go one way or the other. The Democrat will win California, New York, Massachusetts, etc. The Republican will win Texas, most of the South and most of the West. Florida, despite what happened in 2000, is a pretty reliable Republican state.

Pennsylvania tends to lean to the Democrats, but it could go either way. In that sense, it is very similar to Ohio, which is also large, moderate and right next door. In the most simple analysis, a Democrat basically has to win Pennsylvania in the fall to win the election. But I am getting ahead of myself.

The real point is that this is the last remaining big prize in the Democratic race, and it is Hillary Clinton's last chance to make her case for being the nominee. For her to win, she will have to close up the delegate count, establish "momentum" and then convince the convention-goers that she is the candidate that will hold up best over the summer and into the fall. It seems like kind of a long-shot, but yesterday there was a poll that says she is 20 points up in Pennsylvania.

So, I was hoping for some thoughts from my PA readers...what is the mood like? How all-encompassing has this become? Surely, no one could have guessed that this race would matter that how are the campaigns adapting? Seeing as I have an unnatural obsession with this stuff, I am dying to hear from some people in the eye of the storm...

Don't be shy!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Back to some serious stuff

OK, Twin is safe to read again:-D.

I am babysitting this weekend. The people that took Munchkin to Aruba in December have a family wedding to go to and asked if their daughter could stay with us this weekend...they didn't want to drag her along. I did offer, so it's not like it came totally out of left field;-)

So that should be fun. She is a good kid and the two of them are really easy together. It is possible that they may want to make some more ice cream cone cupcakes...or that maybe I will talk them into it:-D. I should also acknowledge that I am outsourcing the babysitting for most of Saturday, They are going to another friend's house.

I haven't had a good politics discussion in a while. Anyone have any thoughts on Obama's little outburst in San Francisco the other day? I have gone over my feelings on guns at length here, but that really isn't what I feel is relevant to this discussion.

While it is a little humorous that he would be tagged as the "elitist" one of this bunch, he did imply a certain disdain for regular people in his remarks. Beyond that, he sort of dismissed all religion as being simply a tool to explain away bad things when the real answer is uncomfortable. I am no bible-thumper, but I found what he said to be pretty dismissive of anyone with a strong faith. (And, when you view this in the context of his phony 'church-going' that got him into this mess last month, it is all that much worse.)

Mostly, I can't believe he was dumb enough to say it. I know he was talking to a group in San Francisco that likely shares that feelings about rural Pennsylvanians, but he has to know that his words are ALL going to be broadcast nationally.

And, it highlights how much trouble he is going to have in November. He thinks Hillary is beating this issue up? He ain't seen nothing yet...the GOP playbook for the fall has already been written for them. It will include a whole lot of this statement, his ties to Reverend Wright and his wife's little ditty about never before being proud to be an American. And the message will be "He thinks you are stupid, his wife hates you and his 'spiritual center' thinks God should punish us all." Over and over and over again.

Me thinks Mr. Obama better get his message machine working.

Monday, April 14, 2008

The Things I Think About During Sex

I am going to warn Twin Sister ahead of time, you probably don't want to read this. I mean, obviously your brother is pretty hot, but that doesn't mean you wanna hear some of this about

I think the sugar overdose (I am not kidding, I ate 12 cupcakes, at least) may have led my mind to race a bit, but I had quite the stream of conscious during sex on Saturday night. Now, I didn't actually take notes, so I can't promise that this is exactly what I was thinking, but as much as I can remember, this is pretty much how it went.


My boobs look big. If I get fatter, will they keep getting bigger?

Mmm...he smells good. His shaving cream smells great. I'm gonna kiss his neck even though it makes him laugh. Yea, sorry, I couldn't resist.

The Office was funny on Thursday but really depressing. Jan's boobs are hilarious. I guess mine don't look so big after all.

Oh...the gentle back scratch, god that feels good. I seriously would have married any guy who consistently scratched my back during sex. I could sleep here. But oh fuck does he feel good. Maybe I will just rest for a second.

His eyes are closed. I wonder what he's thinking about? Maybe Jessica Biel. That's acceptable. Is she still dating Justin Timberlake? They would have beautiful kids. Who knocked up Jessica Alba? I took my pill this morning, right?

Wow am I ever wet. I must be well hydrated. I did drink a lot of water today. Well, tonic water. Mixed with vodka. But still, it is water, right? I don't want to come yet. I will sit up a bit...give him more of the visual. Of my huge new boobs.

I should go to the gym. Seriously, this is the only excercise I get, really. Well, I do walk a lot. And I never take the elevator at home, I always climb the stairs. Says the girl who ate 12 cupcakes and half a plate of nachos. Yea, how is that for weak justification?

He really is hot. He is getting hotter, too...he has gotten bigger through the chest and shoulders since I have known him. I guess that is what happens when you go to that "gym" place. And holy shit does he feel really good right now. Fuck it, I don't wanna fight it any more. Damn that shaving cream smells good.

There it is...first the tingle behind my neck, then the goosebumps, then the lightheadedness....ahhh....heaven. He knows just where to touch. Did I ever tell him how much I love when he scratches my head after I come? I don't think I does he know? Although my hair is gross right now. That's ok, I have an appointment this week to have it done. Maybe I will change the color. One of these days I should go back to blond, I suppose. Not this week, though.

Did Munchkin's brother call her today? That fucknut, I don't think he did.'s not her actual birthday, you idiot. Shit...did I remember her presents at the restaurant? I think so. Mental note to check on that.

Meanwhile, back to the task at hand. I know how much he loves talking dirty, so I am gonna tell him exactly what I want from him right now. I could have been a porn star! Well, no, I couldn't, but I could have been a coach. Or maybe a writer.

How funny was that old lady in the bathroom trying to wave her hand in front of the paper towel dispenser like it had an electric eye on it? I mean...the crank was like three inches from where she was waving her hand. I should blog about that. Actually, I should blog all of this stuff. Should I be thinking about something else? Like the beautiful sight that I happen to be straddling right now? So my mind wanders a bit...big deal.

Not like I can't think about two things at once. Or four. He certainly looks to be enjoying himself. And he sounds like it, too. Of course, I have already guessed that he is thinking about Jessica Biel. Who am I kidding, he is probably thinking about golf.

I can't wait to go golfing! It was so warm today it really got me itching to try it again. So, I suck...big deal. It's fun and Big Sis and Munchkin suck with me. But we are super cute golfers, no doubt. I gotta get some adorable golf shoes. That will really make me better. Maybe if next weekend is nice...I have to take my car out anyway, it hasn't been driven in a while. I think I need an oil change, too.

He really is beautiful:-). I should tell him how lucky I am more often. Well, with words, not just this fantastic hip action. Yea...he likes that. OK, he is close now...I will just tell him that one thing to push him over the edge. Ahh...and there it is. Is it slutty of me to love the feeling of him coming in me? Probably, but what is wrong with being slutty? I kinda like it.

I can hear his heart beating. Boy, this sure is a comfortable spot, here listening to his heartbeat, wrapped in his arms. "I love you".

Oh, and I wanna get a dog. A big one.


Sunday, April 13, 2008

Birthday Party Extravaganza

I actually have two posts today, but I am holding one for tomorrow because they don't really mesh very well. Tomorrow you get "things that crossed my mind during sex last night" which I promise is going to be kinda funny and pretty enlightening.

But, since I don't feel like writing that in the same post as Munchkin's birthday party recap (and since so many of my readers are probably in church right now...), that can wait until tomorrow.

I was going to bake her a cake, but in tribute to the postponed "Chicago Cupcake Crawl", I decided to make cupcakes instead. And then, in a fit of Back-in-the-day Inspiration, I went one step further and made the best kind of cupcakes there are...Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes. Yeah, if you have never had the experience, you should do so immediately.

She went to the mall with a couple of her friends and Smoking Hot Roommate came over to help me bake and decorate the cupcakes. And eat like a dozen of them before we packed them up:-).

The party was lots of fun, and really super easy, in retrospect. We went to a place that had bowling (Munchkin loves bowling:-)), video games, pool, etc. Basically, that meant that I just had to order a bunch of nachos and other assorted munchies for the kids and let them have their own fun. Me, The Boy, SHR and the Rocket Scientist and Big Sis then pretty much just hung out and ate bad food. And more cupcakes.

The party ended up kind of dragging longer than expected. A couple of the parents came to get the kids but ended up sticking around for a drink, or two, and some food. Which is all good:-) It was fun! Then we went home and Munchkin crashed at about 8:30 and didn't wake up until 9:00 this morning. Apparently the excitement got her all worn out;-).

Of course, her falling asleep is not always a bad thing...hee hee:-). And that is very much a part of what led to tomorrow's blog topic:-D. So you have that to look forward to! Until then, I hope everyone enjoys their Sunday!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Tagged. And stuff

I am all out of whack on my blogging schedule. This work nonsense keeps me way busier than it should. Seriously, why can't they just overpay me to be the cutest little senior analyst anyone has ever seen? I mean...the salary is outstanding, the bonuses are great, it is just the actual "productivity" thing that bothers me. Why can't every day include a whole bunch of free cookies and a three hour massage/lunch?

Anyway, I was out of the office all day, got home just in time for chicken fingers and now I am putting off the inevitable "catching up on emails" to waste some time on the Internet. I did end up talking to Munchkin last night about her sleep-talking because I wanted to see what she remembered. She said "I don't remember that, but I dream about Mom all the time, so it makes sense." And yes, I guess it does make sense... So, never mind my worries about a crisis...

Tomorrow shouldn't be nearly as bad a day. I am in the office, don't have a ton to do, and have a lunch date with the boys at work that should make the day interesting. Then, the weekend! The Boy and I have a date tomorrow night, and then Munchkin's birthday party is on Saturday, which should be fun. Unfortunately, our little break in the weather seems to be temporary, and it is gonna get miserable again soon. So, we have that to look forward to...

One last piece of business: I have been tagged by Kristin to do the six words thing. I will skip all of the introduction stuff because I think everyone has pretty much seen it already. And I am not gonna tag anyone because I feel like most everyone has already been tagged. If you haven't, let me know and I will edit this post and tag you:-P

Basically, describe yourself in six words... I thought about it, and this is what I came up with (yea, one is a contraction, so what?):

There's more here than you think.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Freud, are you there?

Good morning all...back to a little more normal posting schedule, at least for the rest of the week.

Weird thing happened last night, and I don't really know what to make of it. I will appreciate any insight...

Munchkin fell asleep in my bed last night (yea, we were watching TV in have a problem with that?) I know it is probably not healthy, but I always kind of let her sleep wherever she falls. Usually it is her own bed, but sometimes it is mine or the couch...I don't see the point in moving her.

Anyway, I cleaned a bit, did the dishes and some other random stuff and then went in to bed later. When I went into the room, she woke up for a second and said "Mom?" and then when she realized it was me, she said "Oh, I thought it was Mom" and fell back asleep. I am not even sure she was awake, to be all happened in about 10 seconds.

So, I am not really sure what to make of it. Was she having a dream about our Mother? Probably. Is that significant of anything? Beats me. She didn't say anything this morning, and I didn't ask her. My guess is that she doesn't remember anyway...and its not like she had a pained or restless sleep.

I dunno. But, I do know that her birthday party is this weekend, and that should be fun:-).

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

F you, Kansas!!!

I am very late in the day today, sorry about that. It has been a really busy couple of days, but I didn't want to go two straight without a post, so I will check in now.

I came really close to winning the office pool. If Memphis held on to win last night, I would have been declared NCAA Basketball Whiz and crowned the office pool champion. That would have been pretty sweet, but they managed to lose and I finished third. Which is good for absolutely nothing. Booo!!!

Spring finally seems to have shown up. The weather is really quite nice today...sunny and about 60. The Red Sox have their first game in Boston, too, so everyone is in a very good, summer-like mood. And that makes me smile:-). It also makes me want to sit outside and have a margarita, but it's not quite that warm just yet...

BFFg says that rollerblading went well, and she and new boy (nickname to come) are going out again next weekend. He is busy this weekend or else they might have gone out again sooner. Either way, my instincts look good so far;-). I should charge for this!

Beyond that, I have little of note to say. Busy day, but nothing really exciting. There could be a major announcement here at work soon, but I won't give away the surprise until it happens:-P

Again, sorry for the short post, but that is all I have for you today:-)

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Dates, dates, dates

Brief Sunday morning post since I kinda promised on Friday. And I am loathe to break promises. First, spa day was awesome! My skin feels great and I got like the best massage ever. Me and Munchkin and SHR had some good girl talk, too:-)

The big date Friday night was fun, and I promise we were all on good behavior. The Brain Surgeon wanted to have the "be nice to her or I will remove your intestines" talk with the new boyfriend, but I think maybe that is a little early;-). He is very nice, and she does seem to like him, although he is definitely more infatuated with her than she is with him. Ahh well, I have a feeling she may have that problem a lot...

Funny story. We had a little impromptu party at SHR's place last night. She had a couple of people over and The Boy and I ran into some others while we were out and brought them over. Then I had to go and get Munchkin but brought her back as well because it was still kinda early. So, at about 10:00, one of my friends was leaving to meet a couple other girls nearby. Literally, it was less than 1/4 away, in a very public and safe place (from Beacon Hill to Hotel Nine Zero). In other words, she would have been fine walking by herself. But that doesn't mean that Munchkin didn't make the Rocket Scientist walk her there just to be safe:-P. I have her trained well!!!

So...the big news is, of course, BFFg's date. Looks like I may need to come up with a nickname for him, because I think he may be around for a bit. I talked to her when she got back last night ("I definitely would have slept with him if I didn't like him so much. Or if I had like two more drinks"). She was really excited about it (she doesn't usually get overly nuts about new boys) and they are already meeting this afternoon to go rollerblading. I had an email from him this morning say, basically "Thanks, I had a great time. Hope to see her again."

First date seems to have been a raging success...I will continue to keep you posted. I feel like I accomplished something this

Note: Turns out I will be out of the office all day tomorrow, so you will have to accept this as a Monday post, unless I write another this evening. Many apologies;-)

Friday, April 04, 2008

Oops...I kinda forgot...

I seem to have neglected to mention one slightly important fact yesterday... I am now the proud parent of a teenager. [shivers] That's right, yesterday was Munchkin's 13th birthday:-)

When I think back on the days in the summer of 2005 when I was dealing with my mother's health, Munchkin's custody situation and evaluating my options, I can specifically remember thinking "What the fuck would I do when she is a teenager?" Now that the day is here, it doesn't seem like such a big deal at all. Of course, I was probably thinking more about when she is 15-17 than 13, but the dramatic rollover into her teen years certainly makes me reflect on all of it. Could she still turn into a terror? Sure. But I think I have learned a lot about myself, and about the people that I can rely on...and I am pretty sure I will be able to deal with it. I hope:-P

What better way to celebrate a birthday than chicken fingers? This was my first chicken finger Thursday in three weeks, so I had some honey-mustard catching up to do. It was actually sort of a mini-birthday party with four of her friends (we are having a real party for her next weekend). Smoking Hot Roommate and Big Sis came by with some gifts, balloons, flowers and the cake, and The Boy brought her flowers, too. Two of my friends dropped in, too. Honestly, I think that her friends are kinda jealous of her cool, hip older friends;-).

Tonight is the much-anticipated pizza date, which has grown into a quadruple date. We will leave Munchkin alone to sit with the new boyfriend by themselves, though...all six of the rest of us might be a little overwhelming for the little bugger. Then Saturday is spa day! I am very much looking forward to that!!!

I really wanted to get a massage and a facial while I was in Las Vegas, but I never had the free time to do it. But I got the idea in my head, so now I just desperately need to go through with it. So, Munchkin, SHR and I have appointments tomorrow afternoon, which should be just very excited! guess that is about it. The rest of the weekend is not real busy. The Boy and I have most of Saturday night to ourselves while Munchkin is at her party, and then Sunday is kinda open at this point. I think Papa Bear wants to have dinner Sunday, but that is about it. Well, except for hearing about BFFg's date:-D.

Maybe I will even get the chance to blog this weekend! It's been a while for that...

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Play Ball

As proof that all women retain some of their giggly teenage girly-ness, Boss Foxy's response to my question was..."Oh, this sounds fun. Let's call him right now." So, apparently, setting up friends with colleagues at other firms is totally A-OK.

And he was pretty amenable to the idea, although that was clearly not what he had expected on the other end of the phone;-). So, I gave him her number, then told her he might call...and being a good and diligent boy, he called her last night. I like guys that are punctual:-). They are going out Saturday and I will be sure to tell you all how it goes:-D. Then we can start planning their wedding! They will have such beautiful kids...

Now that I think of it, this would totally kill my long-term plan of getting BFFg and BFFb to move here...hmm...maybe I need to rethink this. Shit, I am too impetuous sometimes.

Anyone have any thoughts on Idol? I like all the foreigners...the Australian guy, the Irish girl and the Canadian girl (not happy that she was in the bottom three last night). I can not stand the young kid...he has a whiny, nasally voice and he sings with a lisp. I don't know why the judges love him so much, he is not nearly as good as four or five others. I also like the kid with the dread locks, if only because he clearly loves pot so very, very much.

I also caught Top Chef last night, which was pretty good. I don't have any favorites yet, but I do love that this guy and this girl have the same haircut and it can be hard to tell them apart when they just show one of them quickly.

Can anyone believe that it is baseball season? Maybe because it is so wintry around here, it seems hard to believe...but I was surprised to find out that the season started this week. The Cubs lost their first game, so Munchkin is already convinced that they will need to wait at least one more season before winning the World Series. At least she has the Red Sox to help her out with that;-).

I am not really a sports fan, but I do love baseball season because it means that summer is coming! I know the first couple of weeks of the season are always cold, but the nice weather has to be right around the corner. Screw the groundhog...the sign of spring around here is when the baseball season starts:-).

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Oh Tevya, where are you when I need you?

Another super busy day today, so I only have a couple minutes to write and then I am going to be out of the office all day. But I sort of have a question for the group...a work-etiquette question.

What are the policy outlines on trying to set people up with business associates?

Here is the deal...One of the guys from the firm we were working for last week lives in Chicago. I spent a bunch of time with him, and he is a really good guy. Good looking, smart, interesting, really nice, makes gobs of money and just generally seems like a really good guy. He mentioned that he had sort of recently broken up with a long-term girlfriend and is just starting to date again.

Well, the more I think about it, the more I want to set him up with the beautiful, charming and all around super-hot BFFg. From what I know, I think they'd have a good time and would really like each other.

But is that kosher? I am gonna run this by Boss Foxy, and will take her advice, whatever it is, but I still wanna hear what everyone else thinks. Is it totally out of line to ask that kind of a personal question of someone that you only know a little bit, and completely professionally? I am pretty sure that he would go out with her just based on my telling him he should...obviously he is not a super close friend, but we did get the chance to talk a lot last week.

Any thoughts? Other than "AM, you would have been much happier as a matchmaker", which is very true;-)

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

I think I am gonna start stripping

I was going to write an April Fool's post about how I have taken a second job as a stripper, but I couldn't bring myself to do it. It was gonna be really good, too...about the money and the sense of power and all that good stuff. But I was a little worried about The Boy being a little confused by the whole thing and possibly having a coronary before he got to the end. The problem is that it is completely within the realm of possibility, so he just might think it was true. I have no problem being topless in public (as my college roommates will attest to). Unfortunately, it helps to actually have breasts to be a good stripper, so I am not sure I would get paid that well.

So, no April Fool's jokes from me. Munchkin got me this morning...she came into my room, unplugged my alarm clock and then acted all frazzled, yelling "Get up! It's 10:30! The power went out so the clocks went off!" and then laughed at me after I jumped out of bed. Twerp:-P. I see she wants to play this game...hmmm...

Speaking of Munchkin, there is a new boyfriend. This one is unusual in that he is actually her age...usually they have been a year or two older. In fact, seeing as there are only 13 boys in the grade ahead of her, I think she has pretty much finished that entire class unless she starts to either recycle or start dating girls. I know this one pretty well, and think he is just adorable:-). I also like the idea of him being her age...not that I was ever really worried about her ability to handle herself, but for some reason it is more comforting.

They have a pizza date on Friday...which means that The Boy and I have a parallel pizza date as well;-). Or, failing that, someone else has a pizza date with me...(now accepting volunteers in case The Boy is unavailable...) And then, on Saturday she can probably tell me how she likes him but just isn't feeling it, and then on Sunday she can let him down easy.

I am telling you...this girl is gonna break a whole lotta hearts before she is done... But she is always very nice about it:-).

I am still alive in the office basketball pool. I got two of the final four, and if Memphis wins, I win the pool. So, let's all root for Memphis! And no, I could not name one player on the team...but I do know that they are the Tigers and they wear blue. A blue tiger? That is kinda stupid...shouldn't they be orange and black? Or even white if they want to be one of those fancy, rare ones they have in some zoos. But I have never seen a blue tiger.

It is finally warm! It is still raining, but it is nice and warm hats and mittens required! Now we just need to get rid of these umbrellas...