Friday, June 25, 2010

I deserve a musical for this

Really, I am still a blogger, I fact, I usually think of a couple of things a day that I want to blog about. Finding four minutes to myself to do it, however, is another story entirely. The girls have their first cold this week...which means that Mommy and Daddy have their first baby-induced cold as well. NOT much fun at all, but I think they are getting better.

However, I got a super wonderful bit of news this morning that has me smiling inside and out and thinking of all sorts of wonderful things!

BFFg called me to ask if I would her Maid of Honor:-)


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

See, she isn't completely perfect...

I should start this by saying that I had a really irritating day. I was tired and cranky and the girls were being really difficult and The Boy was locked on a conference call all day and I was just feeling really, really stretched to my limit.

About 4:00, I had had enough, so I put the girls in their carriage and took them for a walk. They aren't huge lovers of their car seats like some babies, but they usually sleep for a little while at least, as long as you are moving. And I figured that an hour or two would keep them busy until The Boy was done with work, and then he could occupy them and give me a break for a little while.

So, I got home, feeling a little more sane, but really ready for a nap...and I found that Munchkin was home from work and unpacking groceries. Which was good, as we needed food desperately. At first I figured that The Boy got done early and went to the store, so we had this conversation:

Me: Where's The Boy?
Munchkin: I think he is still on the phone.
Me: Where did all this food come from?
Munchkin: I went to the store. I figure you wouldn't have time.
Me: You are so sweet!
....Wait a second. How did you get all of the food home?
Munchkin: Oh, I took your car.

This, of course, would be all fine and dandy...PROVIDED THAT SHE HAD A DRIVER'S LICENSE!!!

Just to clarify, there is no part of me that finds this cute or funny. (OK, there is like 3% of me that does). And it is probably as mad as I have ever been at her...which isn't saying a whole lot, but I had some stern words for her. I am not sure that she appreciates what would happen if she got caught driving around. I know it is a small place, and the drive is a grand total of about 1/2 a mile, but there are just way, way too many things that could go horribly wrong.

I feel like I need to stay mad at her for at least like a day, although that is always hard. I think she got my point.

Oh, and seriously, maybe someone can yell at Papa Bear for teaching her to drive...

But shhh...don't tell anyone...I am really glad she went to the store, because I really didn't want to:-P.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Still alive!

I am so horribly overdue in posting that I am almost ashamed to show my blogger face around here... Nothing terribly exciting to report, just me trying to keep my head above water and not go completely crazy day-to-day:-) Turns out that two babies is really a whole lot of work!!!

Let's see...they sleep OK, although I would like them to go to bed easier and to sleep longer at once. At night they are really good about waking up to eat and then going right back to sleep, but they are still up every 3-4 hours, and I would love for them to go 4+ hours consistently. They eat really well, especially MA, who eats like a horse and now weighs about 12 pounds. LK has some acid reflux from time to time, so she doesn't quite eat as well. But, still no problems of note, and she weighs about 11.5 pounds, so they are both gaining weight well. Very much looking forward to being able to feed them some rice cereal and get them sleeping through the night!!!

The days, while The Boy is at work, are tough. Most of the time I am OK, but there is always once or twice a day that they both need something at the same time, and I have to just let one of them cry until I can take care of her. I have a girl who just finished her freshman year of college (she went to Munchkin's school, I ran into her Mom one day out walking, she mentioned that she was looking for some extra work...voila) who comes over to help me from noon until 4:00 two days a week, which is a big help. I have put out some inquiries to find a similar helper when I move to the beach next weekend, I think I will need the help.

And St. Mother in Law comes over once a week, as well, partly because she knows I need the help and partly because she misses her baby girls:-) The other two days can seem very long:-D

Let's see what else...Munchkin is already at the beach for the summer, and I really, really miss her. By the time I get down there, it will be nearly two months living away from her, which is entirely too long! I was in the grocery store earlier today and saw a mother and a daughter shopping very clearly to stock up the daughter's apartment (must be a summer sublet) and I had a warm feeling about the day I get to take her college shopping...that is a good sign that I need her around more often:-)

Her trip to France went fabulously and she remains totally and completely in love. Her hosts report that she was a wonderful guest, and that her French is getting quite good...good enough that they didn't even have to speak much English for her. Quite the accomplishment, if you ask me! There is still 1% of me that thinks I should take the girls to Nice in August...

She is hanging with her brother now and has started working at two of her three jobs. The other family doesn't move there until the end of June, so she is not quite as busy now as she will be. But, as usual, totally loving life. Wouldn't you?

I guess that's all. I should probably have more to write about after being gone so long, but my brain doesn't retain as much information as it once did;-)

So...that's all you get!