Friday, June 25, 2010

I deserve a musical for this

Really, I am still a blogger, I fact, I usually think of a couple of things a day that I want to blog about. Finding four minutes to myself to do it, however, is another story entirely. The girls have their first cold this week...which means that Mommy and Daddy have their first baby-induced cold as well. NOT much fun at all, but I think they are getting better.

However, I got a super wonderful bit of news this morning that has me smiling inside and out and thinking of all sorts of wonderful things!

BFFg called me to ask if I would her Maid of Honor:-)



Kari said...

You are amazing! Remember that! Hope the colds go away soon -- Indian Butter Chicken is my cure -- but not sure how the babes will like that ;)
Yeah for being ask to be Matron of Honour!!
Hope you are finding time to have fun...


Ally said...

I hope you're feeling much much better! We miss you out here :)