Tuesday, April 03, 2012

The Most Important Day of the Year

Who remembers what today is? It is...if you recall...The Most Important Day of the Year!!!

Seventeen years ago today, little twelve year old AM went to the hospital to meet her new baby sister:-) I was in love the moment I held her, and I have fallen more in love every day since then. You could probably make a case that I haven't really even stopped holding her:-)

She remains my very favorite person, my hero, my role model, my protector (and ward at the same time!). She has become my best friend and biggest crutch. She is the most remarkable person I have ever met.

It was a pretty sad and unfortunate series of events that brought us to where we are...but I can't help thinking that the whole thing has been the biggest blessing that a girl could ever hope for. She has been a gift, a blessing and a joy, and living with her will always be the most rewarding thing I ever do.

Happy Birthday Munchkin!!!

(Tomorrow we can talk about the wildly inappropriate birthday gift from her other older sisters...ahem...this conversation is not over!!!)


Smoking Hot Roommate said...

You can be mad at me, it is completely my fault.

Only, you know that can't really stay mad at me, and you KNOW there is no way you are gonna win an argument with Munchkin, so you should probably just give up and go with it.


Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

What a road you've taken, that's for sure. Happy birthday Munchkin, indeed!

A said...

YAY! Happy birthday to one half of the awesomest sister combo in the history of the interwebs. ;)

Our Happy Married Life... said...

Happy Birthday, Munchkin! Can't wait to hear what the big "sisters" are up to now! :)

Anonymous said...

Happy belated Birthday Munchkin!!!
I am sure you had a fantastic day!

Dawn said...

I've been waiting for TWO DAYS to find out what Munchkin's older sisters got her that's so inappropriate. You really need to blog more often when you leave us with cliffhangers. I'm seriously curious (and, even without knowing the gift, a wee bit jealous).

Phoenix said...

What did she get that made you so "worried". I'm sure she loved her gift tons, no ? ;-)