Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Embarrassing motherhood admissions

I've never totally felt like I am entirely, 100% comfortable as a mother. I suppose I am not sure that anyone is, but it seems to come much more naturally to a lot of women than it does to me. Which, I suppose, is sort of odd, since I have more experience at it than just about all first-time Moms do...even if that experience is more with teenagers than with toddlers.

Which brings me to kind of an off confession, and one that is frankly even a little hard for me to believe. The Boy has to travel for a couple of days, and with Munchkin at the beach and Smoking Hot Roommate also out of town...I think this is the first time I have ever been solely responsible for them for this long.

I know, right? Kind of ridiculous...but every time he's been away, either Munchkin or SHR or my mother-in-law have been with me. I think there was a day when I took them to the beach by myself, but The Boy probably joined us the next day (or maybe late that night...) but I am like 99% sure that I have never actually been alone in charge of them for two whole days and nights in a row.

[Which is also a gross misrepresentation since they will be in Day Care all day both days]

Obviously, this shouldn't bother me...I mean, they are over three years old, and I am perfectly capable of feeding, bathing and dressing them, getting them to bed and getting them to school. I do that pretty much every morning anyway. I've managed to get them to this point in their lives without any major hiccups, so clearly I can handle two days of single-motherhood. And saying that I was "scared" would be an overstatement, too. I'm not actually concerned that something will go wrong.

But...um...yea...I'm also not totally and completely un-nervous, either.

So, um, yea, that is my confession for the day. My kids are over three years old and I have never actually been alone with them for two days at a time.

I'm hoping you won't need to wish me luck.


Mrs. Adventure said...

Well just in case… GOOD LUCK :o)

PS: I'm not realizing I haven't been alone with Chloe more than one night since she was born either.

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

Totally natural to wonder (/ be nervous about) what it will be like alone with your kids. My guess is your days will fly by and you'll hardly notice The Boy is gone.

(Confession: Neither Sweets nor I have spent one night away from Gavin since he came home from the hospital ... though, technically we have spent 5 weeks worth of nights away from him when he was in the NICU.)

Carin said...

I have never been alone overnight with my 2yo (although I've done a handful of evenings/bedtimes alone). My husband, in addition to being a SAHD for the first 17 months, has also been alone with our boy for close to a week on multiple occasions while I have had to travel for work. The prospect of 2 days on my own would scare the living daylights out of me.

Kari said...

You will do wonderfully!

Accidentally Me said...

I've learned two things:
1) Not having been alone with them is not all that unusual
2) Being somewhat concerned about the prospect is not that abnormal, either.

You guys are the best:-)