Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Coming together

Things are looking good for Tinkerbelle on the job front...she called and emailed a bunch of places that I had sort of suggested for her and got all of the details on applications, deadlines, etc. She's got three really good leads on summer camps that hire kids her age and that would work out perfectly (lesson to teenagers...you want a job? Ask. The kid who goes out of their way to say they want it will probably get it.)

All three of them are taking applications and will be interviewing in a couple of weeks, and she already has times scheduled to interview in early May, all on the same day. She's going to come out here on a Thursday night, go to her three interviews (and more if she can get them lined up) on Friday and then stay for the weekend. Honestly, I'd be pretty surprised if she didn't get more than one of the jobs. Unless they are hesitant because she isn't really a Boston kid, which they all know already and seemed fine with, she will probably get to pick from the three of them. Again, when hiring kids at that age, employers are going to be drawn to the kids who seem assured and confident and serious about the job. The one who says "Hey, hire me! I would LOVE to work here!" is probably the one who will get hired.

I'm pretty excited by this...more so than when I first heard the idea. She seems really serious about it, and having a five-day-a-week job will be great for her. She'll stay busy, meet some kids her age, earn some money and get to be a little more grown-up than usual. She's going to have to get herself up, get ready and get to the T on her own every morning, which is kind of a big deal for a 15 year old ("on her own" is maybe an overstatement...I'll know if she oversleeps!) Not that it is exactly rocket science, but I think she will feel like she has some autonomy and some responsibility...hopefully that's good for her.

So, we'll see...but it is looking like my summer visitor is en route!

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