Monday, October 05, 2009

Leaf peeping

The Boy? His awesomeness simply can not be overstated:-) He has a really remarkable ability to know exactly what I need most at any given time...and to make that happen!

And I should give a special shout out to his older brother, too, since he is the one who so generously donated this weekend to us:-). He actually won it in a raffle at a golf tournament this summer, and figured that he and his wife were unlikely to get away for a weekend in the fall, so he offered it to his brother...who took him up on it and then kept it a surprise to his adorable wife:-). (Still not used to being a "wife", but I am getting more used to it.)

I didn't know where we were going until we got there...and really not until Saturday morning when I woke I was so freaking tired on Friday after school that I put on sweatpants and a giant sweatshirt and folded myself up in the passenger seat and fell asleep. Like...I am not sure that I was still awake when we pulled out of the garage, and I was definitely out cold before we got to the highway (which minutes away?).

Next thing I knew, The Boy was rousing me because we were at the hotel and he had already checked us in and gotten the keys and I needed to wake up to walk inside. I suppose I could have made him carry me:-). First impression was that the place seemed really cute, the bed was super comfortable and the salad that he bought me on the way was yummy:-). And then, as I sort of woke up a dawned on me to ask exactly where we

So...we went to a resort in Lenox, MA, which is way out in the Berkshire Mountains near New York. It is about a two hour drive (which I found out on the way home...when I was awake:-)) and it is a really pretty area. It will be breathtakingly stunning in about a week when the leaves are in full color-change, but they had changed enough this weekend to really make the countryside beautiful. If you have never seen real, live, fall foliage in New England, then you are missing out...the pictures just can't capture the beauty.

The weather turned out to be better than expected...not too chilly, no rain, and even a little bit of sun here and there. We were up early on Saturday (c'mon...I was asleep at 6:30...what do you expect?) and went for a quick, very refreshing (read: chilly!) walk before breakfast. I saw more turkeys, squirrels, rabbits and deer in 15 minutes than I have seen in a very long

A big bowl of fresh fruit and a muffin made for a delightful breakfast (I would have loved to tear through a giant bacon and sausage omelet, but the idea made me a little queasy) before the morning massages that I had been so looking forward to all week! One hour of absolute heaven that was totally worth the anticipation. [Side note...we went into the room and there were two masseuses, both was about my age and quite attractive, and the other was in her 40's and a little on the heavy side. I am not a terribly jealous girl, but there was no way that I was letting the hot chick rub oil on my naked Boy...hee hee]

The weekend package included a golf, but I didn't really feel like playing a whole round. So, I played the first nine, which was really fun, and then went back to the room, changed into my sweats and sat outside on a swinging bench and read while The Boy finished. We had a really fantastic dinner, and then mosied back to the room and hung out for the rest of the night. My hot tub ban was a bummer, but the divine Mrs. Rocket Scientist was good enough to include some of more mischievous things from my closet when she packed my bag:-) We got to practice some of the massage techniques we learned earlier...hee hee:-D.

I squeezed in a facial on Sunday morning, which was maybe a little bit of pampering overkill...but I was feeling entitled:-) Then we packed up and checked out...stopped for lunch on the way home, and got back in plenty of time for afternoon football!

Pretty darn good weekend, huh?


steffi2282 said...

Sounds perfect!
Now I am jealous! I loved the fall foliage in New England and I really want to see it again some day.

Lisa said...

That sounds like one hell of a weekend - very nice, with all the pampering and wildlife :)

A said...

Yes. Pretty darn good, indeed!

straw76berry said...

Sounds wonderful, I'm so pleased you enjoted your trip. And I know what you mean about New England fall. I lived in New Hampshire for 5 yrs and every year it was such a breath taking treat xx

Rachel H. said...

Sounds like a really great weekend! What an awesome trip to just get away and spend time together! :)

Ys said...

Sounds very enjoyable :) And very pretty. I love pretty places like that :)

Hänni said...

OK I'm a little jealous of your weekend. I also went away this weekend, but I didn't stay in a fancy hotel. My digs were at the Days Inn where I'm pretty sure I stepped in something crusty that I'm pretty sure was the previous guests' vomit.