Monday, October 26, 2009

Rested and Relaxed

I had an awesome weekend and...for the first time in seemingly forever...I don't feel completely exhausted today. It could be that I got a lot of rest over the last few days, but I am also hoping that maybe I am over the horrible initial exhaustion. The sickness seems to be better, too (although I threw up a bunch on Saturday morning).

So, let's of Smoking Hot Roommate's friends from high school, who now lives in Denver, was in town all weekend, so I went out for a little bit on Friday to see her. But I was home pretty early, and slept really well (save for the half hour of throwing up at 6:00am). I went to Munchkin's soccer game on Saturday morning, which I probably shouldn't have because it rained a lot...but fortunately it was really warm, so I didn't end up catching anything. If it has been colder, I would have avoided the flu risk. Of course, then I would have missed the two goals that she scored...bragging:-)

Speaking of which, she has been called up to practice with the varsity team at school for the rest of the season, and maybe to even play a little bit. It is such a small school that it is not unusual for freshman to play on the varsity teams, and not totally unheard-of for eighth graders to be on the teams as well. Especially if it is late in the season and the coach thinks that they will be on the varsity team next year...she likes to get them involved in practices and whatnot.

Obviously, Munchkin is super-excited, and thrilled about the prospect of being on the varsity team as a freshman next year. However, it may have an impact on her summer plans next year if she wants to be able to practice with the other girls on the team (they aren't allowed to have actual practices with the coaches, but the captains can get everyone together for informal practices)...oh, decisions, decisions!

I took a nap on Saturday afternoon, which was just absolutely heaven. Of course, I woke up to find that The Boy and Munchkin had taken the rainy afternoon as a reason to go and see a matinee of Where The Wild Things Are. I found that to be both completely adorable...and kinda rude!!! Seriously, they couldn't wake me up for that? Mostly, I just think it is super cool that they can do those things together.

Went out a bit on Saturday night, too, this time with The Boy's friends. It is much more fun to be out when you can tell people that you are pregnant, rather than make vague excuses about being tired and not feeling Again, home and in bed pretty early (by 11:00) and slept great. Sunday was absolutely gorgeous, and included a walk, a nap, and some mischief. Munchkin and SHR ran a road race in the morning and hung out all afternoon, so I had The Boy to myself again...hee hee.

And then to bed early again last night. So, very low key, lottsa rest and feeling pretty good today. No Chicago this weekend, either, but next weekend is firm for that...


Our Happy Married Life... said...

sounds a lot like my weekend. relaxing, slept a lot etc. good for you!!

Smoking Hot Roommate said...

OMG, Are you kidding?

By May, she is gonna be so excited to get out of that madhouse for a couple months, she won't be able to get packed for the beach fast enough!

Rachel H. said...

Sounds like you had an enjoyable weekend!! :)