Thursday, July 08, 2010

Checking in

I have been told by some very reliable sources that it is absurdly hot back in the city, which makes me feel much better about being here at the lovely, temperate beach. Unfortunately, I have been feeling a little bit lonely of late...and sort of longing for being home.

Which is silly, as I am not remotely alone...Munchkin is here and there are plenty of other quasi-family members around, all of whom have been of huge assistance with the little nuggets. But The Boy has been at home for the week, as have Smoking Hot Roommate and Big Sis, and I have just felt a wee bit isolated. I will get over it;-) The Boy is back Friday night, and that will make me feel much better!

Munchkin is having sort of a rough couple of days, too. I say "sort of" because she is still living a life that everyone I have ever met is jealous of;-). But she has some boy issues...mostly around really, really missing Frenchie. There is another boy that likes her a whole lot that she sorta likes and is at least moderately interested in.

This ended up leading to a very tearful breakdown last weekend about her conflicted feelings and her confusion over her current boyfriend situation. In the end, she told me that, were Frenchie closer, there is no way on Earth that she would have any serious interest in the other boy. And that sorta broke my heart just a little bit:-( She has been a little bit not herself all week, too, and I really wish that I had more time for her than I do...I feel like I am not being a good big sister. I am hoping that I can get my pretend Aunt and Cousin to watch the girls for an hour tonight so I can take her out to dinner and talk about it. And SHR is going to bring one of her friends down to stay for the weekend, which should cheer her up, too.

Beyond that, not a whole lot to report! Each day I feed, burp, change and repeat, with intermittent efforts to get some sleep in there as well:-) If I am really lucky, I can get them to nap in their pack and play just inside the door to the back deck so that I can lay out and get some sun. Not terribly exciting, eh?

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laurwilk said...

Glad to hear from you! It sounds like everything is, for the most part, going very well. I can't believe how fast summer is flying by - you best get out there and get sun while you still can!