Monday, March 21, 2011

Random Stuff, and Libya

Munchkin is home safely, which I was maybe a little tiny bit worried about when people started lobbying Tomahawk missiles at Libya on Friday night (more on that in a second.) She had a wonderful trip and wasn't totally heartbroken leaving...I feel like every time they see each other it is a little easier on her saying good-bye. Which, I guess makes some sense.

Her little shopping trip produced a suitcase full of stuff, almost none of which was for me, boo!!! I can't really even borrow that much from the rest of them...they all share clothes that are too big for me! I did score an adorable little waist-length red pea coat (jacket?) that I look forward to wearing. Looks a little like this, but it is a little lighter (weight, the color is a little deeper) and even shorter, and has some black trim on it, too.

And just to clarify: there was never an expectation that I was paying the bill;-). Smoking Hot Roommate was hoping I would see the statement and have a fit and then she would cop to the whole thing, but in truth I would have known what was up the second I saw it. If they really wanted to get me, they should have had her spend like $500-$1,000 because then I wouldn't have immediately known what was up. The numbers were so big as to make it clear what was going on...she has used the card like twice in her life, there is no way she was going to suddenly go hog wild and max it out...

Anyway, The Boy took the girls up to his parents house on Saturday night, which gave me and Munchkin a chance to hang out and catch up. We had a very early dinner, then bummed around in our pajamas and watched TV. Asleep by 10:00!!! She didn't appreciate my cuddling efforts and kept kicking me back to my own side of the bed:-)

Total change of subject: What the fuck are we doing in Libya? Did we not already own enough countries, so we figured we needed another one? I am just having a hard time seeing why this is really worth committing troops to for 20 years - which we have absolutely just done. There is no such thing as "just air strikes" when your stated goal is to remove the leadership.

And more to the point, how does this differ dramatically from Iraq, where we debated the issue for months, nitpicked every single report and opinion and never reached a global consensus on the best approach. But here, two days of discussion and everyone is on board for regime change? Something is fishy...


A said...

Like Smoking Hot Roommate and Munchkin could pull one over on you!

Glad Munchkin's trip was nice and that saying goodbye is getting easier for the two of them.

You've summed up my entire view on Libya quite well: what the fuck?

Ys said...

Thank God someone else is thinking the same about me when it comes to Libya! I thought I was the only one. They're trying to say we're going for noble reasons but if that was the case we'd be at war with half the country!