Monday, March 28, 2011

Trivia Time

Anyone want to guess what I am doing a week from today that requires me to leave work early?

I will give you two hints...the first (for the locals) is that it will require me walking through Downtown Crossing, down Washington Street to Chinatown. The second (for everyone else) is that it makes me feel REALLY old.


Ally said...

I'm clueless....I'm trying to think of what makes me feel old and eating Tums is all I've got, and I am certain that is not the right answer.

Thisisme said...

Yeah, I'm clueless too and I used to be a local!

Smoking Hot Roommate said...

{raising hand furiously} I know! I know!

Also, I will happily do it for you if you can't take the afternoon off, and then maybe we can directly do the obvious errand that comes next!

Tanja, Herbert + Kinna von Ducati said...

Is Justin Bieber coming to town?
I've no clue ;)
Whatever it is - enjoy!

Kathleen said...

Filing your taxes/going shopping with the refund? ;-)

Accidentally Me said...

Ally - eating Tums? Anna's never causes heartburn!!!

Thisisme - Corner of Washington and Essex:-)

SHR - Much of the reason that I am going is so you DON'T run that errand afterwards:-P

Tanja - Not that I know of, but that would indeed be BIG NEWS! (I actually think he was here about a month ago)

Kathleen - Nope. No refund for me, so no shopping spree.