Tuesday, July 17, 2012


One of The Boy's good friends got engaged over the weekend, to a girl that he met and started dating about two years ago. Their meeting is one of my favorite dating stories...

Simply, they were stranded on a train. They happened to be standing next to each other when a subway train got stuck for about an hour (they were in a train stuck behind another one that broke down.) They must have been feeling randomly chatty, because they somehow struck up a conversation during that time, exchanged numbers and, now they are gonna end up married.

I can't really say that I believe in "soul mates", at least in the sense that there is one and only one person you are destined to end up with. Nor can I see that I really believe in destiny...but really, if I think about the chances of those two both being on that train? And standing next to each other? And who talks to people next to them on the train? I dunno...just seems like there was something else at work.

(Also, they are adorable...)

It also gets me thinking about how people meet...and surely some of you must have good stories of meeting your husbands or wives or girlfriends or whatever. I got set up with mine, which is boring, but I am sure someone can do better than that.


Mrs. Adventure said...

Okay so I'm with you on the whole destiny scenario because I believe we change as we grow and that perfect person unless they change along with you can also change.

BUT, I am totally a chatter. I talk to random people everywhere the gas pump, bank, grocery (heck I'll ask you about items in your cart for recipe ideas if you look nice enough). Matter of fact quite a few of my friends were random encounters started by my blabbing.

mahoo said...

My husband's ex was heading away on a 3 week vacation, and asked me to keep an eye on him for her while she was gone. Married 35 years this year,,,I like to think I've done a good job.

Accidentally Me said...

Mahoo - THAT is a story that needs a whole lot more than one sentence:-)

Anonymous said...

i wrote my story here, but it never showed ;-(

anyway, I kinda ran into him at a charity city run last june. the thing is, we had been working for the same company and even sitting on the same floor for half a year until then without coming across each other. so i like to believe fate did bring us together.

MrsV said...

Aww what a unique answer to the question "how did you meet" :) I have only been on a subway once and would never have considered talking to anyone lol

Hubby and I met in college, nothing too exciting really... His roommate like me, but I liked him (hubby), a bunch of us went to the bar and I let him buy me ALOT of drinks leading to a very foggy memory and a walk of shame the next morning lol but it's been nine years so I guess not too shameful ;)