Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Three Things Before the Fourth

I was going to write about health care and the Supreme Court, but I can't bring myself to be that serious (short version, the ruling seems really confusing...not that the law was upheld, but that it was upheld in the way that it was). Maybe next week, although frankly there will probably be a bigger news story by then. So, on to my three things...

First of all, Magic Mike is awesome...just thought you needed to know that. It's not a terrible movie, really, and there is just so much campy man candy that it can't be counted as anything other than fantastic.

Second, I am pretty sure that Munchkin got maybe a little bit drunk at the wedding she went to on Saturday, but she won't cop to it. She stayed with another friend of hers, so I didn't see her until Sunday, and she had the good sense to not claim a hangover...but she was definitely dragging a little bit.

Third...headed to the beach for the next five days, and looking forward to it very much! Weather should be good, there should be tons of people around and everyone should be in a great mood. There will hopefully also be fireworks!

And that's all for now...class dismissed!

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