Friday, January 18, 2013


I'm feeling very tired, all the time tired. I don't think I am sick at all, I just think I am sort of run down. I have been trying to go to bed earlier, but that never seems to work out. By the time we get the girls home, fed, bathed, settled down and asleep, it seems like it is 9:30 every night. It doesn't help that they are in a phase where they only want me to sit in their room and read books to them at night before they fall asleep...and they won't fall asleep if I am not in the room with them.

Really, though, I think I get plenty of sleep, and I am not super stressed over anything. The girls are great and tons of fun. Munchkin is awesome...playing basketball and remaining generally perfect. The Boy is in a bit of a quiet period after a truly frantic end of the year, and I am busy but not swamped at work. Things are basically good.

It's a tough time of year, and that always gets me a little bit...the days are short and the weather is cold (it's really cold today). This is, absolutely, the worst time of year around here...Spring is a LONG way away, and there is very little to look forward to for the next several months. I am hoping that we can get away to someplace warm in February or March, and maybe planning that will help me...but babysitting arrangements will be an issue. And, call me a terrible mother if you want, but if I am taking some time to sit on a beach and relax, I want to sit on a beach and relax, not chase toddlers.

I'm sure I will get out of it, but I feel like I am in a funk right now. Maybe I need a new hobby...suggestions?


Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

My mom once told my dad to get a hobby. He started collecting (and therefore drinking) wine. Could be a win-win for you, too. =)

Belle Vierge said...

As a past baby-sitter and a past au pair, who went on vacation with her charges, you are NOT a bad mother for wanting to relax! Trust me, I loved being paid to go to the beach. I did not mind the time I spent with the kiddies, especially since it was always balanced out with some alone time. You'll work it out, I'm sure!

Ally said...

Any chance you're pregnant?!;). Pregnancy makes me super fatigued.

Accidentally Me said...

You just made me throw up in my mouth a little bit... And then think "Hold on a second...maybe..."

But no, I am positively not pregnant!

Anonymous said...

I think every mother wants a break even if it's just at the beach for a bit....and I see nothing wrong with not wanting to chase toddlers on vacation. I have taken my older child camping and left the younger with a dear friend it worked best for all of us and we got quality time together....which with younger kids you sometimes can't always manage.