Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Survival Guide

We survived the great storm unscathed...maybe a little bit stir crazy, but really no worse for wear. I think the final, official tally was something like 28 inches of snow, which is obviously a lot. It was a pretty heavy snow, too, and the addition of some really serious wind meant lots of downed power lines and a lot of people without electricity.

Thankfully, that didn't effect us at all. I got the girls home at about 1:00 on Friday, after it had begun snowing but long before the worst of it. I also stocked up on cookies, ice cream, Cheetos and other assorted goodies. Smoking Hot Roommate made it later in the afternoon with her overnight bag and likely the last pizza in Beacon Hill:-) (Just to be safe, I had stuff to make pizza, which we did on Saturday. Also ribs. And chili.)

Basically, we just watched a lot of TV (we watched Cars over and over again, along with a large quantity of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Little Einsteins, and Jake and the Never Land Pirates), colored, played with trains and cars, did puzzles and made a never ending mess of stuffed animals, toys and clothes. Much fun was had by all!

On Saturday morning, the girls wanted to go outside to see the snow, so we bundled them up and went downstairs. They lasted roughly 7 minutes, at which point they decided that they no longer liked the snow (the real problem was that it was still really windy). They were pretty excited to discover hot cocoa, though.

By Sunday, the weather had cleared, even if the streets and sidewalks had not. We walked SHR back home, which involved quite a bit of trudging through snow, but by that point the girls were back to loving snow. Then we went back home, and by the time they woke up from their naps, The Boy was back.

Munchkin and her friends benefited from school being cancelled on both Monday and Tuesday, so what was originally a two day ski trip (Friday night to Sunday) turned into a five day mountain extravaganza (Thursday afternoon until Tuesday). There are worse things than being a second semester senior in high school:-)

And that's about daring tale of snowstorm survival, 2013 edition!


Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

I was thinking of you over the weekend and am glad you came out unscathed. I have always made fun of my hometown for how ridiculously homogeneous its residents are. My parents don't seem to notice or care, that is, until this storm. They spent Friday night with neighbors, but everyone was itching to get out by Saturday night. So, they also trudged through the snow (good description, btw) to Bertucci's for dinner. I don't think my parents have ever actually eaten in Bertucci's in the 20-odd years it's been at that location. As they were sitting there waiting to be served, they said they noticed how WHITE everyone in the entire restaurant was, as if surprised that they live in such a place. I'm not sure if I'm conveying this story very well or whether you just have to know my parents, but to me, it was HILARIOUS and I never would've heard such a tale if it wasn't for the storm. =)

Ally said...

So yum! What a yummy, lazy weekend. Sounds good to me! Glad you didn't lose power and emerged unscathed :)