Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Oh yeah, hey there!

An email from a longtime reader last week reminded me that I have basically stopped blogging. The gist of the email was "Are you OK? You don't need any kind of help, do you?!" Obviously, I have the sweetest readers, right? But also...yea, I am a terrible blogger. And I have nothing profound to tell you today, but I will basically copy and paste the email I sent to her (minus the real names!) as a very brief update.


I know, I have become a non-blogger! I didn't do that on purpose, I just kinda ran out of things I felt like writing. I haven't ruled out starting again, but I have clearly lost my mojo.

Everything is just fine! The girls turned four in April and keep us generally busy and usually pretty tired:-). Munchkin just finished her Freshman year and is busy being utterly fabulous...she was in New York last weekend, at the beach through this weekend, then off to London for a few days and then Paris for about a week. Then back to the beach, and likely to Nice later this summer. It's a tough life!

And Smoking Hot Roommate is pregnant! {some additional color deleted}

Other than that, we're just getting ready for summer. {more deleted}. The Boy and his siblings convinced his Dad to sell the house (they are from about 20 miles from Boston) and move closer to us and Twin Sister. That should be wrapped up in about a month, which will be really nice. And The Boy's older sister is very unexpectedly and hilariously not intentionally pregnant, too:-)

Hopefully, Tinkerbelle is coming out to visit at some point this summer, but she is a petulant teenager, so that is always up in the air! She's sort of a handful, but she still (basically) listens to me, so I like to try and give her Mom a break whenever I can! She's just a really tough personality at a tough age right now:-)

Big Sis is good, too...her oldest is the same age as mine, and the youngest is two. And Papa Bear is about five years behind on his promise to retire!


So, there is my very sad recap of the lat three months or so. Maybe, just maybe, this will prompt me to blog more than once a quarter, huh?


A said...

Once a quarter? It's a start!

Our Happy Married Life... said...

There you are! I've been meaning to email you!!!

unknown said...

I have bookmarked your page. It is bookmarked on my computer, but I'm using my daughter's to read your blog. (My computer's in storage.) I too, am a long-time follower, curious to know how you, the girls, The Boy, Munchkin and the extended family are all doing; getting your take on the events of your life and those of the people in your sphere. Reading your blog is comforting to me and has been; it's good to know that some things stay relatively the same for people. For the first time in my life, I'm homeless! but living with friends until we can find a place of our own which will be soon, I hope. The house we were renting was sold and we had to move; we've been looking since February without luck. I guess that's how it goes when you live in the SF bay area. People selling their homes with investment buyers ready to snatch them up (they're the only ones that qualify for loans these days) and jack the rent up $1,000 or so more than what we were paying. Oh, well. Like I said, it's good to hear that all is well in your world and that the girls are getting big and doing well.

Keep up the writing! You're a good writer and the things you say transport my thoughts from here to there! ;)


Lisa said...

Glad to hear from you - I have wondered how you were doing.
And I can't believe that the girls are four already, maaan!
Time really flies when you're regularly blogging ;)

Lori S-C said...

Yes, good! Glad you shared the info!! Have a great summer