Thursday, February 19, 2009

It's morning somewhere, I'm sure...

I have pretty badly failed on my goal of posting every morning lately. Work has been busy, and tends to be really busy in the mornings and less so in the afternoons. The result is that it is now about 1:00, and I am just getting to today's post.

The good news is that my work this morning was in getting prepared for a meeting at noon that I didn't need to go to...which means I was able to raid the lunch selection and go back to my desk to blog and eat:-). Half of a chicken Caesar wrap, half of a turkey/avocado/bacon/ranch wrap, some potato chips and three giant cookies I am!

I am getting really excited for vacation now! I did a lot of packing last night (the idea of packing bathing suits is just divine) and am pretty much ready to roll. I definitely bought us matching sunglasses...yea, I am that much of a dork:-P. Still not 100% sure what we will do at Disney...definitely the Magic Kingdom for at least a day, but beyond that I figure we can play it by ear. One of the water parks would be fun, but since we are gonna be at the beach for four days afterwards, I am not sure I wanna do that. I'll have to see where we end up:-)

Chicken fingers tonight, of course;-). Thursday wouldn't be Thursday without it!


laurwilk said...

Ummm...I love Blizzard Beach! You should totally hit that up. And what about Animal Kingdom? I always think that's kind of fun!

Ally said...

I've only recently discovered how delicious avocado and bacon are together. And I've been pretty surprised by how your blog has been put on the backburner this must work with a bunch of nazis.

anne said...

The weather here has been PERFECT. Well except for today, but whatever. Great, great spring time weather.

Lpeg said...

Ooo Have fun on your vacation! Disney is great, and Magic Kingdom and Epcott are great (if you've never been Epcott is nice - very few rides though).

I love Islands of Adventure too - lots of great rides, and right next to... Universal?

Have fun, get a nice tan, and take some photos you can actually post!

Ys said...

Hehe I always find when I set a blogging goal things happen to prevent it from happening ;)

The vacation plans sound fun!