Thursday, February 12, 2009

Old Movies and Dirty Thoughts

Has anyone ever seen "Whatever happened to baby Jane?" It's a black and white movie from 1962 starring Joan Crawford and Bette Davis (who, according to multiple sources, really did hate each other). It was on last night for some reason and I watched most of it. I had definitely heard of the title, and guess that I always kind of assumed it was kind of a sweet movie.

Not is actually really, really creepy! And there were a couple of scenes that would still be a little bit edgy today, and must have been very shocking in the early 1960's. It was really good, though, and Bette Davis is fabulously nuts:-) I should check Snarky's movie reviews and see if she has covered it:-D. Or, maybe she can start doing retro-Reviews:-)

Total and complete change of subject...I have had a lot of really outstanding sex lately. I think people go through phases and cycles, and there are times that you sort of get out of synch with each other. There are also times that it seems really hot, and everything seems sort of new and exciting again.

To be honest, I think consciously about this, and I usually make an effort to keep things interesting. And The Boy is sort of the same way...he definitely knows how to push my buttons, and I try and work his, too. For example, he was really run down when he got home the other night, tired from work and from some other shit, too. So I figured he would really appreciate a nice long back rub before bed. And just maybe I broke out the thigh highs and little plaid skirt to assist me in that effort:-).

But we are also just in a pretty good groove...dually peaking libidos, maybe? We just really seem to be on the same page all the time, which is a really good feeling:-). Not just that we seem to want it at the same times, but that we seem to want the same kinds at the same times...if I am in the mood for soft and sweet, he tends to be, too. And if I am in more of a hair-pulling, fingernails in the back mood...he seems to be as well.

It would be nice to be able to bottle this somehow and use it later...hee hee.

Um...that's all, I guess...


erin said...

Ah just rub it in why don't ya? Haha but seriously, I know exactly what you're talking about. Good for you (and The Boy)! And as far as that backseat goes... it's definitely going to happen. I don't see any other alone time with my boyfriend in the forseeable future!

The Boy said...

Have I ever told you what a pleasure it is to read this every day?

laurwilk said...

Hahaha. It makes me happy when The Boy comments!

You know how I feel about this post - JEALOUS! When does my out of sync turn into in sync? HUH? Grrrrrr!

(But honestly, you know I'm happy for you and your fabulous sex.)

Brandy said...

I have nothing interesting to add to the sex discussion, but I will say I have seen that movie and it goes down as one of the creepiest of all time. The part with her bird? On the platter? Yikes.

Still just me said...

You would make a fortune- pack it up and send me a case will ya?

Ys said...

I know exactly what you mean - and me and my boy are going through a really great time of it right now too ;) Must be something in the air :D