Sunday, May 02, 2010

Agua Malo

Good morning, peeps! I am sitting on the couch with a (sort of) sleeping baby on each side of me, enjoying a delicious glass of...

Hold on, question...when did a half Iced Tea, half lemonade become an Arnold Palmer? I feel like I have heard this suddenly like 100 times in the last year or so, but had never heard of it before. Surely, one of you can fill me in on the nominal history of the drink. Also, can someone put a little dash of tequila in this for me?

I almost feel like we are maybe catching our breath just a little bit around here! Every day we do a little bit better with a routine and in getting an understanding of the best kinda schedule for the girls. Obviously, the ideal is for their longest sleep stretches to be at night, and I don't care if they are fidgety and fussy during the day as much.

Since the weather has turned GORGEOUS, we have had them out for walks a couple of days in a row, which is really fun. It is a pretty small window, since they eat about every three hours (and it takes an hour to feed, burp and change them:-)) but they love riding in their car seats. Once they get moving, they fall almost immediately asleep...must be something about the motion. Hopefully we can get them out at least once this afternoon, since it is going to be in the mid 80's today!

Munchkin and Smoking Hot Roommate are at the beach this weekend getting the house opened up and doing some cleaning and stuff. I am super jealous (well, sort is still colder there, but just the idea of it is nice).

I have some good news on that front...I am pretty much going to be there all summer long, which has me oh-so-giddy. Munchkin finishes school the week before Memorial Day, pretty much the same time that I do, and is then going to Paris for a week, and then coming back and moving straight to the beach (yea, the Paris trip came about kind of fast, but all the timing worked well. Also, seriously, how much does she have it made?)

Her brother, sister-in-law and their little girl are coming out to spend the first two weeks of June with her like they did last year, and then The Boy and I are pretty much moving there after that. He is going to work from there about half the time, and will also be on vacation some other times and will probably only have to be away (which really means at home) for a total of two or three weeks out of the rest of the summer.

Let's turn out attention to Big Sis for a minute! She is ready to burst, and is right itching to get that baby out of her belly and into the world! Official due date is in a little over a week, which means that she is on "any minute" watch from here on in. Everyone keep their fingers crossed and send good wishes! I am guessing that it is a boy, but I have no reason to think that, really.

And finally...boil water alert? Not cool guys. Not cool!!! Let's all cross our fingers that we can drink the water again in a couple of days at the longest. Otherwise, the beach house will look even better:-)


Kari said...

I was hoping you guys weren't affected by the boil water alert -- let's hope it is over soon! You don't need anything else added to your plate right now!
Yeah for a summer at the beach -- perfect for everyone!
Fingers crossed for Big Sis -- hope babe arrives soon, safely and in great health.
Enjoy the girls!

Monika said...

I can't drink water either. :(

Sounds like everything is going great with the girls!

Michelle said...

If you mix vodka with the Arnold Palmer you get a John Daly. They are delish

LiLu said...

Is the aquapolypse over yet?! That was insane!