Monday, May 24, 2010

The Original Daughter

Some updates on my first (almost) daughter...

Last week, she got it in her head that she really wants to get her belly button pierced. I don't know exactly the impetus, but I am fairly certain that it is the fault of her temporary pretend Mom (as opposed to her permanent pretend Mom). Smoking Hot Roommate and Big Sis, in a moment of some family infamy, had theirs done together a while back...when SHR was too young to have it done and Big Sis likely twisted some arms to have the piercers ignore that little, the dots are not hard to connect.

As an aside, Big Sis took hers out a while ago, so she did not have a pierced pregnant belly:-)

So, after asking me if she could get it done (and me saying No), she informed me that she didn't really need my have to be 18 to get tattoos but not piercings in Massachusetts. Well, turns out that wasn't true, either...she was hoping that, feeling defeated, I would give her permission that I didn't have to:-)

She was mostly kidding, and I doubt she would have done it, but it is still pretty crafty!!!

So, if we add the belly button ring to the several tattoos that she already has planned, she is gonna go and get herself all mangled in the week after she turns 18. Which gives me three years to talk her out of this or hope that she comes to her senses.

As for her summer plans, she is once again totally living the life. She finishes school tomorrow (and then is officially in HIGH SCHOOL!!!) and leaves for Paris on Wednesday evening. She is going all by herself, which is a little scary but totally cute at the same time:-) I was invited to bring the babies to Nice later this summer, and as much as I would love to do that, it seems just a little bit overly ambitious. I could change my mind...

Munchkin's French has actually gotten pretty good for only studying it a short time. She has taken it in school all year, and also bought Rosetta Stone a few months ago. Any time she devotes time and effort to something, she does really well with it, so I shouldn't be surprised...but it is still pretty impressive how well she can converse and read it already. Having someone to practice with probably helps:-)

So she will be gone until a week from Friday (the 4th) and her brother is coming out the next day to take her to the beach and get her moved in for the summer. She has three jobs...the same two from last summer plus an additional babysitting gig...which should keep her super busy. Later on she has a week of soccer camp, and there are still rumblings about her and SHR going to Africa in July for the World Cup...but nothing permanent. I think we will also get a visit from Frenchie at the end of the summer as well.

In other words, Munchkin is totally living the life...

My Nanny moves out tomorrow after my last final, and I will miss her dearly. Not just because she is a huge help, but also because I have just enjoyed having her around. It has been great to get to spend this much time with her, and to have her be such an important part of my daughters' first six weeks of life...they only have one grandmother, so she should get double the Grammy love:-) Which she wholeheartedly deserves!!!

OK...that's all for now...this post already too me three days to write (I had to change the date and time twice!!!). But next time I write, I will be officially on vacation!!!


Our Happy Married Life... said...

a much deserving vacation for sure! Munchkin DOES have the life. Holy cow!!

Kari said...

Good luck on your final! Congrats on finishing year 1 of grad school -- with 2 babies! Enjoy your summer holidays. I totally think you and the girls should go to Nice.


Anonymous said...

Munchkin really does have the life.
That sounds like the best summer so me.

By the way: I got a belly button piercing when I was 18. I still have it. It was no problem at all and I really like it.
I think a piercing is not that bad, you can take it out and it will be gone. Especially at the belly button. It is actually not a place were you will see it all the time or easily.
Just in case you think about it again. ;-)

Lisa said...

enjoying the holidays? how are things over there? I wish you a great time!