Tuesday, August 24, 2010

What is this wet stuff falling from the sky?

I feel like I should blog today, and I have some time while the girls are napping...but I really have absolutely nothing to say:-) We are having our first rainy weather since...oh, May or so? It has really been a remarkable hot and sunny summer, which is all good by me! I have also been conveniently away from the heat, which is nice...

My biggest regret of the summer is that Tinkerbelle never got a chance to come and visit. We could just never get the timing right, and to be honest I am not sure she would have enjoyed it as much, since I would have been pretty occupied with other things. However, her Mom is gonna bring her out to visit for a couple of days in mid-September, which should be really nice! And she is old enough to travel by herself, too, so once the girls are a little older she can come out more often for weekends and such. So, I have that to look forward to!

Munchkin is in better spirits this week. She had a great time at soccer camp and is really excited for the upcoming season...she is going to start the season with the Varsity team, and has pretty high hopes of playing a lot as well. The coach has told her that she won't keep her on the team if she can't play regularly because she would rather she played all the time on the JV team than sit on the bench for the Varsity...but she thinks she can be a regular player. That would make me very proud:-)

Mostly though, she is in better spirits because Frenchie is coming to visit:-) I am like 99% looking forward to it, but just a little concerned about her state of mind when he leaves...I am feeling like she is a touch more fragile these days than she has usually been. So, stay tuned...

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