Monday, November 08, 2010


I am still up in the air on the tattoo(s), and I will let you know if and when I finally decide what to do. If I ended up getting this and then another when Munchkin is old enough (which I promised her, although I could easily go back on that if I want to) I could conceivably be a girl with eight tattoos. They would all be small, but o I really want to me a girl with eight tattoos? Of course, seeing as I am already a girl with five tattoos, maybe that isn't such a big deal. Anywho...

Kind of a cute story that I want to tell, just because I feel like it. My friend had a date yesterday...just a brief meeting for coffee because it was really short notice, but still a date. I tell you this because she met the guy she was out with in one of the strangest ways I have ever heard of.

Thursday morning (I think), she was driving to work, and got stuck at an intersection. It is kind of a weird corner, where traffic turning left can be stopped by traffic that is stopped at a stop light about 25 yards behind the street she was trying to turn down. To ease this problem, the street is clearly marked, and a "Don't block the box" sign warns traffic to not stop in the way of cars turning left. Several cars seemed to have ignored the sign, though, and she was stuck waiting, and was backing up traffic while she waiting. Meanwhile, there were two firemen in a fire department SUV that were stopped just in front of the intersection, and therefore right next to my friend.

I should probably mention that my friend is super cute, because I think that is a key part of what happened next:-)

Seeing her kinda trapped, the fireman who was driving turned on the red lights, got out of his car and yelled at the cars behind him to back up and let the car through. There was a good public safety reason for this (it alleviated the traffic congestion)...although there was probably not an actual public safety need to ask for her number...hee hee. But he did when she rolled down the window to say thank you.

Sort of taken aback, she declined and drove off. But then she realized that a) he was adorable, b) that was super nice of him, and c) like every other single girl in America she constantly laments the difficulty in meeting nice boys:-). So...later in the day she drove by the fire station and left her number for the guy who cleared out the traffic for her.

He called her right away, they met for coffee yesterday and she reports that he is quite charming, in addition to being adorable and apparently quite chivalrous. story is relevant to nothing at all, but it seemed like a cute Monday morning anecdote:-)


Lpeg said...

Oooo love it!!! That is really cool! Imagine that's the story they'll be telling if they hit it off?!

Our Happy Married Life... said...

i love that story! keep us posted!!! happy monday.

A said...

That. Is. Too. Cute.

lisa said...

I can already "see" that story on the big screen :) Sounds so sweet..

That adorable werewolf from TrueBlood could be the fireman ;)

and your friend?