Monday, December 20, 2010

I know how ridiculous this is, but...

Frenchie arrived safely on Thursday, and it was honestly like the two of them had last said goodbye maybe a day ago...they just get right back into being around each other with incredible ease.

I remain a little confused by the whole thing. Clearly, it is impossible for kids at that age to maintain a "relationship" from several thousand miles apart. Not when, at best, they see each other for maybe three weeks a year. Not when their teenage hormones are raging, they both clearly attract a lot of attention from the opposite sex and the appeal of having someone more accessible must be enormous. Obviously, there is no realistic chance of them being together at all seriously (as serious as any 15 year old can be).

But, this has already gone on for TWO YEARS. And, obviously, that can't happen, right?

So, yeah. Still not sure what to make of this.

The longer it goes on, the happier it makes her, and the more it becomes clear that the two of them have a really special connection.

But, I also feel like it will make it that much harder when the inevitable comes.


Carin said...

I predict: she goes to college at The Sorbonne. :)

J2 said...

They can always find a way to be together in college!

J2 said...

I bet they can keep it up and find a way to be together in college!

That is amazing that this has been happening for 2 years!

A said...

I simply cannot believe that it has been two years. They are all sorts of adorable.