Friday, December 17, 2010

Winter break time!

Things I am done with:

1) School, at least for the semester. And not in the existential sense I was talking about a couple of weeks, I am actually done.

2) Christmas music. This is more conceptual. Just make it stop.

3) Waking up at 3am to feed one of the babies (I hope:-))

Things I am most definitely not done with:

1) Christmas shopping. Ugh.

Frenchie arrived last night, which makes Munchkin so very, very happy. And that makes me so very, very happy. He is at school with her today, which is super cute, and I am not entirely sure what her plans for the weekend are.

This did pose some difficulties with sleeping arrangements. We have three bedrooms, which was plenty when he came to visit last year. However, with Munchkin in one, the babies in one and me and The Boy in one...well, there are none left;-) So, after thinking about it, I decided that it would be OK if he slept in her room with her.

No, of course I didn't. Be serious! That would be ridiculous...she is gonna sleep with me and The Boy gets the couch for the week (which is not a bad as it is super comfortable, and the baby monitor only chirps in the bedroom). We could have made Frenchie sleep on the couch, but that seemed kinda rude. The only other alternative was sending one of them to Smoking Hot Roommate's place, but that would have been a huge pain.

OK...complete change of the story...I got super good news that two of my favorite people are having a baby (I wrote about them way back when...the backwards relationship here). She called me yesterday to let me know that she is pregnant, partly because she knew I would appreciate her ambivalence towards the whole idea. Beneath her witty nonchalance, I can tell that she is really excited, and I am sure he is, too. And yes, it is only one:-)

Alright, back to Christmas shopping...I am desperate for ideas. Who has some?

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A said...

Oh, girl. You know I'm the worst Christmas shopper in the history of the world. Sorry I can't help!

So happy that Munchkin gets to spend some time with Frenchie.

Hurray for being done with school for the semester! :) :)