Thursday, December 09, 2010

Odds and Ends

Oh look...a free five minutes to post...what a treat!

Incredibly busy of late between school, work, finals, the girls and Christmas and whatever else you can think of. I feel like I haven't stopped moving for weeks, and I am desperately looking forward to finals being over and having some time to myself in a couple of weeks. Yesterday I had the girls out all day doing various errands and whatnot, which worked really well until about 2:30 in the afternoon when they got sick of being in their car seats all day and completely melted down. Oh, well...probably not fun for the other people in the all that heard all the screaming, but I am OK with it.

I feel like I have a bunch of updates for you, since I have been a terrible blogger of late. Finding it very hard to find time to squeeze in writing time.

The girls are awesome! Getting really big and eating like champs and sleeping better...not quite back to their pre-teething overnights, but we are getting more towards that. Mommy will very much appreciate it when they do, as she is somewhat sleep deprived.

There was a scandal at Munchkin's school last week...a couple of the kids got caught sneaking off during a school dance to, um, have some "alone" time. Honestly, I sort of feel like the school ad the other parents are blowing it a bit out of proportion...seventeen year old boys and girls do these things. Would I want my kid to? No, but it is hardly the end of the world.

I feel for the poor teacher (who is younger than me) who walked in on them and now has to go through the rest of the year looking at these two and thinking "I once saw you having sex. Yay." It also made me appreciate the concept of the far-away boyfriend;-). Keeps my little Munchkin out of trouble!

Speaking of...he is coming a week from today. Arriving next Thursday night and staying until the 23rd (Big Sis' birthday:-)), which will let Munchkin also take her customary post-Christmas trip with her friend's family and also facilitate Tinkerbelle coming to visit after Christmas. Just like it has gone in years past, and one awfully good tradition in my book!

Christmas tree is going up this weekend, probably Sunday. I wish it were up already, but we just haven't had any time. I have done not one lick of Christmas shopping, and will try and get it all in after school ends. I should have a few days where the girls are in day care for at least part of the day and I can have a couple hours to myself to run some errands and whatnot.

I also want to take a day (probably after New Year's) to play hooky with Munchkin, who I desperately owe some time and attention to. She is somewhat a casualty of my ridiculous schedule, and I feel horrible that she seems to be getting less of my attention than she deserves. Not that she needs it, really, but I feel like she has been sort of neglected. Many, many thanks to Smoking Hot Roommate, who has shared my concern over this and has made even more of an effort than usual to spend time with her. That actually sort of sounds worse than I mean it to...I just feel very reassured that there are other emotionally invested adults who care about her and are available to give her the support and attention she needs in addition to me.

Well, five minutes is up...Happy December, everyone!


A said...

Oh, so busy! Happy December to you, too, missy. Hugs!

Thisisme said...

Love the happy post! (:

Happy Decemeber!!

Ys said...

December is always a mad month so I can't imagine how much worse it is when you've two such little ones to factor into everything as well!

Happy December to you too :)