Tuesday, January 04, 2011

A Literary Analysis of the ManWhore

So, I just finished the Millenium trilogy (or "The Girl Who...") which is an enormous amount of reading for me, what with the six free minutes a day that I have.

It was kinda awesome, although the third one was a little bit of a let down and I felt like there was a whole bunch of stuff that was just waiting to happen but didn't. The introduction of like 25 new characters was confusing, and the whole think with Berger at the other newspaper was unnecessary. Also, I kept waiting for the sister to show up again, but she didn't, or any of her other siblings. Or, for some more dramatic conclusion scenes...there was one murder attempt, but that was sort of a letdown as the conclusion of a three book series.

But Mikael Blomqvist? MAN WHORE!!! Seriously, I know that the Swedes are a little more liberal than we are, but keep it in your pants! He banged just about everything that moved, save for his sister (thank God for that). And honestly, given her emotional problems, I could have done without him sleeping with Salander, but that was kind of a minor complaint.

And she is just awesome, period. And not just because she is even tinier than me and beats the shit out of some really scary dudes with a variety of golf clubs, sex toys, tasers, shovels and nail guns.

Anyway, I liked them all...the second one was the best, and the third was the worst, but I was pretty well engrossed in the whole thing. And pretty fired up that Daniel Craig (I have discussed my crush on him, correct?) will play the man whore in the American movies.

And now I need something else to read!


SG to SP said...

I recently finished reading all three as well and I second what you say. The 2nd book was the best followed by the 1st book (after the first 100 pages though). I was disappointed in the last book as well and also confused by all the characters with similar names. I think about 200 pages could have been edited out of it.

nikkeedee2001 said...

I LOVED THIS SERIES!!! And so far I have watched the first movie of the trilogy. I have not had time to watch the second one yet and the third comes out soon on DVD. I thought the movie was excellent,even the dubbing into English was good, and almost exactly followed the story...do you think the Hollywood one will? I vote for the Swedish movies :)

Tanja, Herbert + Kinna von Ducati said...

I started with the third one a couple of weeks ago (haven't finished yet) and didn't know that there are two earlier once. Now I can't wait to finish and start with the first one. Hope I will still like it even though it's not the correct order .... ;(

kissashark said...

I've read the first two but REFUSE to pay the hardcover price to read the 3rd and cannot find it in paperback anywhere!!!! I agree that the 2nd is the best so far. I really want to be Salander's friend....she just kicks so much ass! He is a Man whore for sure, I remember thinking that when reading the first one.

Accidentally Me said...

Tanja...you should at least read the second before the third, since there are basically the same book in two halves.

Kissashark...$9.99 on my Kindle:-)

A said...

How on earth did I miss commenting on this?! You're spot on: Lisbeth is awesome, Mikael Blomkvist is a whore (D. Craig is gonna be smokin' in that role!) and the second book is BY FAR the best.

I know that people who liked the Millenium Trilogy are really liking Ice Princess by Camilla Lackberg.

Swedish mysteries are going to be the new thing. Something about the Swedish culture really makes for an awesome setting for that genre.