Thursday, January 20, 2011

New Schedule

With all of my new found free time, I am tweaking my schedule up a bit. Previously, I was at school all day on Monday and Thursday and at work all day Tuesday and Friday and home with the girls Wednesday. Just by dropping school, I could have three full days off during the week and two full days of work.

But I think I would like to be more flexible than that. First thing I did was check with St. Mother in Law to see if she was still up for having the girls every Thursday...since we don't really need her to do it, I wouldn't want her to keep up with it if she didn't want to. But she loves her time with her Granddaughters and doesn't want to give it up!

My plan, then, is to work four days a week, but not nearly full time. I will either walk to work with Munchkin in the mornings, which gets me to work at about 8:00, or I will take them to day care if need be, which would mean getting to work around 9:00 (The Boy takes them some days).

I can work until 5:00 if I have to, but I am probably going to knock off around 3:00 most days, either to go to something of Munchkin's (basketball games, plays, recitals and whatever else she packs into her over-scheduled days:-)) or to do errands or hang out with the girls. No rule says that I can't get them early from day care if I want to:-). I will still be home with them on Wednesdays.

And that, to me, sounds pretty fucking delightful!


Jen said...

Yay! This sounds delightful!

Ally said...

What a nice balance :) Glad things are working out so well. Btw, you need to update your profile :)

Jenny said...

Just when I'd be able to run into you on a regular basis ;)

(You may have read) I've cut down blogging, but (now that I'm managing them) you can find me on all the school's required LinkedIn groups - you know the ones!

Good luck and see you next fall :)

A said...

Really fucking delightful, as a matter of fact. I have a feeling that you're going to love your new schedule. :)

Lisa said...

that really sounds like a swell plan.
Lovely to have your St. Mother there :)