Monday, January 03, 2011

New Years

I have really become the worst blogger on Earth, haven't I? This last week really should have been my chance to catch up, be a diligent blogger and commit some actual thoughts (as opposed to the drivel I have been turning out lately) to this space.

But was so nice to have some free time that I found myself wanting to nothing that involved even the slightest bit of thinking. I did, however, have a really nice visit with Tinkerbelle:-) We played with the girls on Wednesday when we were all home, and then on Thursday we went to the MFA because I have been dying to see the new Art in the Americas wing. I would have liked to spend a whole day there (it is really awesome) but I felt like I was really lucky to get three hours out of her and didn't want to press my luck. She enjoyed it, but it clearly was not as much fun as a Justin Bieber concert...

We also went ice skating at the Frog Pond (which I have never done before, for shame) and ate canolis for lunch on Friday:-) The cornerstone of any nutritious diet!!! Stayed in on Friday night with the girls, and they thankfully didn't make it remotely close to midnight:-). I offered to let The Boy go out and to stay home with the girls, but he was completely wiped when he got done with work and was asleep by about just Tinkerbelle and I made it to the New Year. Which was actually sort of nice:-) That makes two years in a row that we rung in the New Year by ourselves.

Then I talked to Munchkin and went to bed!

Speaking of...she got home yesterday afternoon with a killer tan and two new foreign admirers (they didn't come home with her, just the stories;-). Yes, for serious. These are not two that she admires back in any more than simply finding it cute, but apparently she is a big hit across all of Europe.

I'm telling you...this girl is a boatload of trouble!

So, a couple of days late...Happy New Year everyone!


Thisisme said...

I love Frog Pond!!

Oh dear Munchkin!!!! (;

Rachel and John said...

I didn't make it until New Years, I just couldn't stay awake. Sounds like all your sisters (& you) had a great holiday season!

Ys said...

I was surprised that I made it to midnight cos I've been falling asleep before 9 most other nights! Happy New Year ... sorry it's so belated. I've been really sick :/