Tuesday, April 05, 2011

More birthdays

I am now the proud guardian of a permitted sixteen year old girl. God help me.

As of now, she owns zero cars, and it looks like maybe that will remain the case for the foreseeable future. However, her pretend sisters fully intend to include her in their trip sometime in the coming weeks to buy their new car...which is conveniently the one that she wants, and will be kept in a place where she spends more time than the rest of us. Whatever, it was the best I could do;-)

She had a pretty low key birthday, which has always been her style. She has never wanted to have a big blowout with everyone she knows, always opting instead for much smaller events with her closest friends. This year she just wanted to go out for sushi with five friends and then have three of them sleep over (I nixed the idea of the two boys sleeping over;-)). To that effect, Smoking Hot Roommate, Big Sis and I left the various boys at home with the various babies and took them all out.

In addition to the enjoyable company and food...watching 16 year old girls get ready to go out is absolutely hilarious. And yes, I know that I was once there, but I was never as bad as these girls. You'd think that they were expecting to be hounded by paparazzi and didn't want to appear on an US Weekly worst dressed page. Each of them went through at least a dozen potential outfits, a wide variety of accessories and seemingly three or four different hair styles. Kinda cute, though:-)

Anyway...moving along now to the next birthdays...April 15 marks a big day in our household!!! My baby girls turn 1, and I have managed not to break them yet, which I consider to be a pretty major accomplishment. It is also possible that they will be walking by then, as they are extremely close! (MA is right on the verge, and LK is not far behind). And, just for kicks they are teething again, which means that have been bad sleepers this week...but I still love them:-)

I don't think we are going to do much of a "party" for them, because...well, they are one and don't care. Honestly, I have never been a fan of large first birthday parties (and am told that they are a relatively new phenomenon) as they just seem like another reason to demand presents from people. Obviously, it is worth celebrating, but I think we will just have a casual gathering at the condo for family (well, except for the obvious:-)). I imagine there will be cake:-)

If I had more energy, I would write about being irritated with the Federal Budget process (ask me about my Boise/Phoenix/Wichita analogy!!!) but that is gonna just get me angry...so I will spare you:-)


Our Happy Married Life... said...

happy birthdays all around! I can't believe the girls are going to be 1. Where did the year go?? I think in celebration of their upcoming birthday we should get a present too. A pic of the girls? :)

Thisisme said...

don't spare us! I love your political rants!!

Yeah for the girlies birthdays (; AND YEAH PICTURE PRESENTS FOR US!!!

Ys said...

A year old already? Aww :) I didn't realise they were born two days before my birthday. All the best people are born in April ;)

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

Yay for tax day birthdays. My brother and a childhood friend also share the April 15th birth date!!!!