Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Work Schedule Pass

The girls birthday was nice...really low key, but there were enough cupcakes to make it festive:-) And most importantly, Smoking Hot Roommate took the girls over to her house for a sleepover, along with Munchkin...which left The Boy and I all by ourselves for a whole night!


We met up with some friends briefly for a drink, and then enjoyed the entire night of peace and quiet. Enjoyed it the way that I know best how to enjoy that much time to ourselves...seriously, after I get one drink in me, I become a complete slut these days (but how is that all that different from before, you ask? Pipe down, wise ass!!!). Anyway, acting like a horny teenager never gets old, in my book. Nor does getting a complete and full nights sleep and waking up on my own schedule!

Have I mentioned lately how much I am enjoying my new schedule? I am pretty much here four days a week, usually from about 9:00 or 9:30 until 4:00ish or so. I get to take my time in the morning with the girls, get some time in the afternoon to not feel like I am constantly rushing around, and have plenty of freedom to leave at 3:00 if I want to go to something of Munchkin's after school. And to be really honest, I feel like I get a lot done...not much less than when I was here all day, every day. I am definitely more focused.

It won't last forever, which is a bummer, and I still reserve the right to take the summer off entirely (again:-P) but for now it is kinda the best. I will likely not work at all this fall while I finish school, but I could still work just a little to keep up on a few things...but I definitely don't want to run myself as ragged as I did last fall, which means a lot less work. I actually think that Boss Foxy, Papa Bear and Big Sis would have some stern words for me if I even tried...they are all going to hold me accountable for finishing school, and they all know how much I over-worked myself last fall. Actually sort of nice to have them worrying about me:-)

But anyway, for now...things are really good!


Thisisme said...

haha oh how i miss your sexcipades! (;

rvangord said...

Where is the picture of the girls? :)