Friday, April 15, 2011


We made baby girls are one entire year old! I should probably be more reflective on this than I am: when I really stop and think about where I was a year ago, it seems pretty remarkable. The year has gone by really fast, but at the same time that seems so very long ago. (A very wise woman once said "The years fly by, but the days can sometimes go on forever"...lotta truth to that:-))

Anyway, the girls went to school today in the birthday outfits, and I took pictures of them with the intent of posting them here when I have a minute. However, we all know that my follow-through on pictures is pretty bad, so I won't really promise anything...but hopefully I will get to it this weekend.

We are having The Boy's family and the pretend family over tomorrow afternoon, but nothing real formal. I am sure there will be cake...but other than that just to hang out. Seems a little silly to do much more than that: the girls seem to be sort of unaware of the concept of the birthday just yet;-)

I also have an answer to my question from the last post...and the answers that I got seem to forget that she has a lot of friends from other schools. Because the kids from her school come from a pretty wide area, she has friends in a lot of places through her school friends. Add in that she is ridiculously good looking and it starts to make sense. In addition to that, I think she is super easy to ask out...she is incredibly friendly and not really very intimidating, so I don't think that boys feel like she will do anything but be nice to them. Also, the boyfriend seems so far away that maybe he seems like he doesn't matter.

Munchkin has, and I kid you not, been invited to two senior proms, three junior proms, three sophomore things and two freshman ones, not counting her own. So the answer is 10 (that I know of) not counting her own. Seriously. Some of them will end up conflicting, I am sure, and I could very well put the kibosh on a couple of them...but basically, he springtime dance card is full.

My only real issue is probably with the Senior Proms. One is her own school, which I will probably be OK with...but those tend to be much bigger events, and the kids usually go somewhere afterward and maybe head away for the weekend. She can definitely go to the prom, but whether or not I let her go anywhere afterward depends on who else will be there...if a couple of her older girls friends are going, then I will probably let her.

The other senior prom I am more on the fence...I would probably let her go to the prom, but nothing afterward. I don't know the boy at all, nor any of his friends. Same goes for at least one of the Junior Proms...the two others are for her school, and with on of Smoking Hot Roommate's cousin's kids. And besides, those are much less ado than the senior proms are.

Regardless, she is clearly the most popular girl in New England:-)


Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

Happy birthday to your girls! And hot damn, Munchkin is one hot lady!

sed said...

Happy birthday to your girls and I wish you all have a perfect life all together :)
ps. I wish I will have that happiness one day in my future :)

Have a great day!

Our Happy Married Life... said...

happy 1st birthday (a few days late)

Theo said...

Happy birthday to your babies!

Holy Dance Schedule Batman! How many new dresses will she need? :)

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday to your girls and Kudos to Munchkin!

cindy said...

Is Frenchie okay with all these dance dates? Or does it mean something different (if anything at all) to the French culture?