Monday, August 01, 2011

French Adventure 2011

So, I am going to France with Munchkin later this month because...well, why not? It is Paris and the Riviera with lovely local hosts and places to stay! I would be a fool to turn it down:-)

My only real worry about going is being away from the girls for that long, and leaving The Boy all on his own with them for that long. Frankly, it is a lot of work, and I would be a little irritated if he left me for over a week to go on a vacation. Even acknowledging that he is better on his own with them than I am, it is still an awful lot. could we possibly fix this? I'll give you a hint: it involves a baby passport!

That's right, Munchkin and I are taking LK with us:-) Which could turn out to also be the worst idea ever, but I think will be really fun! She deals with strange people and places a little better than MA does, and doesn't get as unbearably cranky as her sister when she is we think she will probably travel a little better. The downside is that MA sleeps more and is easier to get to bed, so I will have that to deal with;-)

Obviously, it will be a lot to get her out of her routine for a week, but I think it will be fun...and between Munchkin and I she will have plenty of familiar faces around. And then next time, MA can come:-)

What do we think? Best or Worst Idea Ever?


Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

Fabulous idea! As long as you plan accordingly, traveling with babes can be a really great adventure!

sab said...

I cringed when I read "taking LK with us". The point of the trip is so that you get to enjoy time with Munchkin and France and bringing that young of a baby along will seriously impede your ability to do either. Even the flight over there could be challenging. Sounds to me that this compromise is a way to allay your guilt at leaving your husband and the girls. But, 1) they will be more comfortable in familiar surroundings - not to mention LK will remember nothing of France or her experience there and 2) you will have a more relaxing experience, time to make memories with Munchkin and explore France without chasing and caring for a toddler. Do yourself a favor and give yourself a pass to enjoy this trip without your kids. Isn't there another way to make it up to your husband by repaying the HUGE favor? Won't there be some event that he will want to attend and appreciate the time off from being a daddy to do it? A boys week[end] hunting/fishing or in Vegas or something? If you miss them, Skype to get your fix! It is only one week.

Mrs. Adventure said...

Whoa girl. You are brave for sure of course I'm totally jealous about you guys heading to france since I can't just "meet up" with you there :o) although I see myself inviting myself soon anyway. As far as taking the babe - if you feel like you have it under control then you do. Although lets be honest it would be much easier with just you and munchkin but then that's lot on your sweet man.

MrsV said...

I think it's a cute idea :) cause let's face it, munchkin will be busy with frenchie, LK can keep you company ;)

My only thoughts are; will the girls be ok being apart? And are you doing this because you feel guilty?

Cause you shouldn't feel guilty! You should enjoy the time away from the little ones if that's what you want/need. :)

Kari said...

Best idea ever! One of my best friends has twins and she tries to take them on trips/adventures individually so that they get one on one time (and so that she can also have an easier holiday). I think the three of you will have a blast!!

Ally said...

You're brave! A friend of mine took her daughter (about the same age as yours) on a trip to Europe, and she did wonderfully. I just imagine the flight could be really tough (for you, LK, and everyone else). But you know your baby better than us! Good luck :)