Thursday, August 25, 2011

Funny, the Internet is still in English!

Figured I would blog at least once from vacation so that you all know that I am not dead. And, I should have lots to say! However, the beach is right out the door, and I find it hard to justify sitting in here and writing when I can be out there absolutely nothing!!!

The trip has been awesome! Easy flight to Paris, a couple of fun, semi-touristy days in the city with enormous quantities of decadent foods (enormous quantities because I ate a lot of meals, not because any of the meals were large...seriously France, work on your portion sizes!) We got in on Saturday morning and took it pretty easy most of the day, then did a whole bunch of stuff on Sunday. I didn't really think that Munchkin wanted to do that again on Monday, so she and Frenchie hung out with his friends and I kidnapped Frenchie's sister for a day to bum around with me (and translate), which was super fun.

Tuesday morning I actually had some "work" to do...although I am not sure it was all that urgent. We have a couple of investors that are Paris-based, and I was instructed to drop in and say hello. Mostly, I think that Papa Bear and Big Sis and Boss Foxy want me to have a little more exposure to that side of the business (all of my work has always been with our portfolio companies, but there is the whole part about raising money to invest that is kinda important;-)).

I had no specific agenda and nothing important to accomplish, so it was a pretty easy morning...I had some performance data to deliver, but that is just as easily emailed, and there was nothing in it to generate that many questions. So, mostly it was a social visit, which I am good at...also helps that it is fun to explain why I was in Paris:-) And since the second meeting was in a building next to Frenchie's father's office, Frenchie's sister came in and met us for lunch...I guess they do that about once a month or so, which I find incredibly adorable! It makes me look forward to the day that the girls are old enough to ride the subway:-)

Wednesday we took the train to Nice, and here we are! It remains as spectacularly beautiful as it was two years ago when I was here last, and I am looking forward to spending several days with my feet up laying in the sun. I have a date to chat with The Boy and the girls later today...I miss them all terribly! (Confession: enjoying the sleep:-)) Can't wait to see them on Sunday!

And, well, I guess that's it...I have some sunning to do!


Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

Know what I love most about this post? That you're excited for the girls to ride the subway by themselves! I grew up riding the subway (starting in middle school when I moved to Boston) and I can't tell you how many friends' parents freaked the eff out that my parents let us ride the train. You're kidding me, right? Sigh.

Have a blast on the remainder of your trip - sounds like you're making the most of it!

Lisa said...

sounds like a great trip! Enjoy it :)

Mrs. Adventure said...

Thanks for the catch up but no more blogging your on vacation remember ? :o) I can't wait to see some "photos" when you get back, hint hint.