Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Baby Car Sickness

So, I think that LK gets car sick. Sort of weird for a baby, but we are running out of other explanations. The good news is that she spends very little time in the car when she isn't asleep...but we still have to figure out whether this is the case or not.

On a couple of occasions in the last few weeks one of us has had her in the car to drive some place or another, and she seems to get sort of seasick looking and ends up throwing up a lot. It makes me very sad:-( It definitely is worse if she hasn't eaten anything, and some Goldfish and crackers help...but she still seems to get some motion sickness. Again, fortunately, she isn't in the car very much at all.

Totally unrelated note, chicken fingers tomorrow night! I am extremely happy that Munchkin is not too old for this;-) I asked her yesterday, a little hesitantly, if she was still up for it. Given her incredibly busy schedule and her increasing level of overall coolness, I was worried that maybe she wouldn't want to go any more. But, she seemed almost offended that I would even ask:-).

I definitely sort of lost track of her a bit last fall by over-extending myself, and this is one of the things that I plan on doing to make sure that doesn't happen again. The babies take up an awful lot of time and effort, and she is pretty good on her own...but I like to think that she still needs me at least a little bit:-). So The Boy gets a date with his girls every Thursday and I get a date with mine!

Maybe we can talk about the fact that she can get her driver's license in three weeks!!! Oy!!!


Ally said...

Hope she outgrows it seems like kids just quit getting it one day (or at least I did).

Lisa said...

so, I definetely noticed you were absent :)

Munchkin and a liscence- is that a scary thing?
I'm glad you're still doing the thursdays, nothing beats a good tradition

Kari said...

Poor little LK. Munchkin can get her DL in 3 weeks -- wow has time passed by quickly! She will be an amazing driver though (as she excels at everything she does, as does her big sister!)
Mmmm...chicken fingers!

Thisisme said...

my little baby neices get car sick. they use the sea bands now and have a little less trouble.

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

I love that you and Munchkin have special alone time every week. I'm sure she loves the feeling that she's not neglected now that there are babies in the house!