Friday, September 02, 2011

How about a baby update?

Holy shit, where did the summer go? I guess maybe I go through this exercise every year around this time...but I never seem to follow through on my vows to slow down and enjoy summer. Actually, that sounds bad...I definitely enjoyed the summer, I just wish it lasted longer:-) And I wish that Tinkerbelle had come to visit (never wrote about that, but the timing never worked..she is coming out soon, though!)

But, alas, this will be the last weekend of the summer. The beach house is busy for weddings each of the next three weekends, and beyond that it gets less and less likely that we will make it down. If there is a weather forecast calling for exceptionally warm days in late September or October then we sometimes make the trip, but that is pretty unlikely as the season wears on. And the end of the beach season always makes me sad...that house is my most favorite place, and this now represents the moment when getting back to it is the furthest away! A little fatalist of me, I suppose...

I feel like I haven't given you an update on the girls lately...but they are doing awesome. MA uses all kinds of words (not always correctly, but she tries to say them:-)). She is really good at Mama and Daddy, and up and down, and water and bottle. Those ones she actually uses right...some others, like Elmo and purple, she says but doesn't really use them right. If you ask her to show you her belly button she will lift her shirt, point to it and say "button".

LK doesn't talk as much, but I think she understands words better (or she is just more obedient;-)). And they teach them some sign language at school, and she is really good at "please", and OK at "thank you". She also has a full awareness of her belly button, along with mine and The Boy's. She loves to bark at dogs, not sure what that is all about...

They are great eaters...they will eat anything we give them. I still give them the vegetable purees, because I know that once they have eaten them, I don't have to worry about what else they eat...they will have gotten plenty of the good stuff they need. But there is very little they won't try. They at about a half pound of salmon between them the other night, and will just pick up and much on green beans or asparagus if you give it to them. They are just starting to figure out how to use forks and spoons to pick food up by themselves. And of course, Goldfish and Cheerios are absolute staples:-)

I would like them to drink less from bottles, but we haven't broken them of the habit. They drink water from sippy cups, but not really milk, and they still need a bottle to fall asleep every night. I have a feeling that the doctor will tell us to just stop giving them bottles at their 18 month appointment next month...that seems about the age when they should be done with them.

It would be nice if they slept better;-) They still wake up during the night too often, usually because they want to sleep with us! I'd let them cry and put themselves back to sleep, but then they wake each other up and then everyone loses... Also, I kinda like sleeping with them:-)

OK, then...everyone enjoy the weekend! See you next week:-)


Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

So ... you don't like going to the beach house after all the tourists leave ... as kind of a really quiet getaway (well, as quiet as two babies will allow)??? One of my favorite times to go to my parents' Cape house is in the Fall ... when the beaches are deserted and we can build a fire in the fireplace and just be.

Looooooooooove the baby update. Thank you. =) I wish my baby was a better eater. He is a champ with the purees at daycare and refuses them for us ... he'd much rather eat our food ... but, he has a thing with texture of foods, so sometimes even that isn't good enough. Needless to say, we still heavily rely on the bottle. Good thing we're about 10 months behind you ... we have some time to go before the doc tells us to cut it out! =)

Ys said...

It's great to hear how the girls are doing :) We're really lucky with Francis at the moment, he sleeps about 4-5 hours every night and only wakes up for about an hour for a feed in between :)

Anonymous said...

Ha, you know what? I drank my bottle before I slept until I was 3!!
Just sayin,...