Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Power to the People!

It seems that protest fever has caught on, and the students at Munchkin's School are up in arms and totally outraged over...changes to the dress code!!! Setting aside the light-heartedness of the topic, it is really sort of funny and kinda neat to see the first shreds of activism. Someday they will all fight for causes that matter, but for now it is nice to see them rally around something they care about and take action, knowing and accepting the consequences of their actions.

That said, I have my limits;-) Yesterday, in protest, they all decided that they would wear things that met the dress code but that were clearly outside of the spirit of it. Munchkin decided that she would wear things that she wore like two years ago, and that are therefore way too small. That all seemed fine and good, until she got herself dressed for school in a skirt that was three inches too short and a shirt that was...um..."not equipped to handle her chest"...

The obvious problem is that she is blessed with a figure you would normall see on an underwear model, and the clothes therefore made her look entirely too good... They were just a little bit too provocative for this court-appointed-guardian to send her out of the house in;-). It was, however, pretty funny to see a couple of her guy friends wearing pants that fell four inches short of their shoes...

The protest continues to day, and I will let you know how the great revolution turns out.

In other news, MK hurt her knee yesterday, and it was sort of adorable and sad:-) She was limping and pointing at her knee and whining. Have you ever seen a baby limp? I mean, they walk like they are drunk all the time anyway... What she needed was hugs and kisses from her Mommy and a good nights sleep to make everything better.

Not totally sure what happens when we get past the stage where Mommy's hugs and kisses are a cure all. I am going to enjoy it while it lasts:-)

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