Friday, October 07, 2011

You may have infected millions of natives, but I will still take your day off

Very much looking forward to the long weekend! The weather is supposed to be really nice, and I have very little of note planned. I will probably go to Munchkin's soccer game this afternoon, and The Boy and I talked about maybe going "pumpkin hunting" tomorrow (which is just picking out pumpkins, but I like the terminology better:-)).

Or we could leave that until Sunday if the mood strikes...there are no rules here!

So, last night was chicken fingers with Smoking Hot Roommate and Munchkin, and we were celebrating. "Celebrating what?", you ask...why, how about the successful completion her Munchkin's driver's test... That's right, my little baby sister is now a licensed driver, God help us all. One downside of living where we do is that she won't really get to drive very much. She will likely find an excuse to go and visit a friend or two who live out of town this weekend, but there isn't much else that she would do that involves driving.

The upside, of course, would be living close enough to borrow Big Sis' car, which she is specifically NOT allowed to do. And which I probably have little actual say in.

So, I find myself feeling very peaceful lately. I think because maybe I haven't been super busy, the girls are at a really fun age, Munchkin is doing awesome and the weather has been nice (mostly). Of course, I am likely to have something major happen just when I like the steady, but for now I feel like I am in a really good place and fully enjoying the fall. Now, I should just maybe drink more;-)

Happy long weekend, everyone!

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A said...

A licensed driver?!! How did this happen?!!

Hope your weekend was fab and that you hunted down some kick-ass pumpkins!