Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Gabby Giffords

I have seen a couple of notes across the Interwebs this week about the Gabby Gifford interview with Diane Sawyer the other night...did anyone see it? It was pretty riveting on a number of levels.

It was inspirational in a lot of ways, and remarkable to see her progress from just after her shooting. And the relationship between her and her husband (and astronaut, but not Mike Dexter) is heartwarming. I found myself very much rooting fer her every accomplishment.

But I have an uncomfortable question that I am probably a bitch for asking...why is she still in Congress? And this applies to all sorts of people less capable than her...Strom Thurmond held on long past the point where he was remotely intellectually capable, for example. Robert Byrd was another. Do we think so poorly of the role of our legislators that we want them to continue serving even when they a) can't appear to make a vote, or b) are so mentally incompetent as to not understand even the slightest bit of what they are voting on, or c) absolutely incapable of pro-actively legislating anything in their constituents interests.

I know that is probably not a popular opinion, but someone has to say it...


Katie said...

I didn't see the whole interview, but did see a preview for it and I will admit that my first thought was "how is she still in Congress"?

Then I felt guilty even thinking like that so I never did question it further.

Kari said...

I was wondering the same thing!

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

You raise a valid question - one that the media should address, because my guess is the answer is pretty simple.

What do I mean? Well, I'd take one step further from your question to ask, if a life-altering event takes place (say, a shot to the head), one that requires months and months and months of rehab, does an employer have a right to fire that person?

My guess is the answer is hell no. The employer can temporarily fill that person's role while they are on medical leave, but there are clear laws about that (I'm sure - there has to be, right?).

So, apply that to Gabby Giffords. I don't think the government can relieve her of her duties without cause. There are people standing in her place. And, either she comes back to work in whatever time it takes her or the law states or whatever ... or she's voted in/out of her office by her constituents. To me, that's what makes the most sense.

A said...

No, it's totally true. I know that everybody loves a good comeback story's Congress, not a roster spot for the QB who can't throw the ball anymore.