Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Some baby stuff

I am way behind, but the girls' 18 month doctor's appointment was last week, and I never wrote about it. Overall, it went well...they are perfectly healthy and hitting all of their milestones (someday I will write a lot about the idea of "milestones") and doing all the things that the doctor wants them to do. Or, more specifically the nurse, since they didn't see the doctor at this appointment.

They had a mega-fit when they got examnined and measured, but they handled the shots fine and were overall pretty well-behaved. Also, cleared to eat nuts and shellfish (shellfish? oops...they have been eating that for a while bad.) I am irrationally scared to give them peanut butter at home, and day care won't even let you bring it into the building, so I am not totally sure how we will handle that;-) More Reese's for me, I guess!!!

They are both the exact same height...33.75 inches, which makes them very tall. Clearly, that doesn't come from me;-) It also means that if they stood on each other's heads they would be about 5'7", which is much, much taller than me... MA weighs 26 pounds, 15 ounces, and LK is exactly one pound lighter, which is funny because she seems much, much thinner. That makes them both a little on the slender side, but basically right where they should be (there is a separate height/weight chart that says they are about average weights for their height...LK is a little smaller.)

And then they hightailed it out of there as fast as they could...If you have never seen a baby run, you should, it is hilarious! They were mostly in good spirits, but had lost any interest in being at the doctor's office by the time they were done...hungry, tired and sick of being poked and prodded!

Not sure I have ever mentioned, but they are both night owls, especially LK. They never fall asleep before 8:30 (which could be because they would miss the Pajanimals) and LK is very often up past 9:30. MA gets grumpy when she is tired, but LK is bright and chipper right up until she falls over and goes to sleep... And they are almost never awake before 7:00 am, and if MA doesn't wake her up, LK will usually sleep until 8:00 or so if we let her. And then she becomes a grumpy, waking-up teenager;-)

Next up...big girls beds. Not totally sure when to convert their cribs, but I feel like we are getting pretty close. Anyone have any insight?


Katie said...

Not a clue on the crib conversion thing. Personally, I'm putting that one off as long as possible :) Keep me posted on how it goes!

As for the peanut butter. I was SO afraid of it as well. Didn't try it until I knew I would be home for a whole day and armed with Benadryl just in case. It ended up being a non-issue but I can definitley understand your fear!

Kathleen said...

The running part is hilarious! So cute, love the baby updates!

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

Our pediatrician told us that every study issuing concern over feeding babies certain foods have pretty much been proven false. Other than honey, we were cleared to feed Gavin everything right from the start. He's been eating shellfish, nuts, meats, pretty much everything since he was 4-6 months old (clearly, when he was smaller, we made sure the pieces were tiny and/or we chewed them for him). I guess the only reason you should be concerned is if food allergies run in either of your families - otherwise, the nut concern will probably wind up being nothing.

A said...

You have tall babies?!! Go figure. Love it. Nearly as much as I love the drunken baby run.

sab said...

Ditto Nilsa on the foods. Gave my boys everything though did it one at a time so that if there was a reaction, we could identify the culprit.

Re beds....I moved my boys at just after one year old....they both hated the crib and kept climbing out and I thought it was just safer to move them out so they would break their necks climbing. Put them in a bed with rails. Only downside was that they could easily get out and come visit our bed whenever they wanted. Huge upside was that they became more independent...they could get in bed when tired, get out and play by themselves when they woke (and not yell for us to get them). Just make sure they cannot get up or downstairs and/or into rooms that are not childproofed.