Monday, November 28, 2011

Now traditions and vacations

Happy belated Thanksgiving, everyone:-) As I have covered in the past, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, largely because of the complete lack of pretense, pressure and stress. No gifts, no costumes, no need to feel like you need a big outing...just eating and hanging out with loved ones.

We mixed it up a little bit this year, and started some new traditions, I think. The Boy, Munchkin, the girls and I went up to his parents house on Thursday for dinner with most of his family. His older brother was with his in-laws in New York, but older sister, Twin Sister, spouses and children were all there, along with some Aunts and Uncles and cousins. The girls had a constant stream of people to fawn over them and entertain them, which made for a relaxing afternoon for me:-)

While we were up there, Smoking Hot Roommate, Big Sis and their related attachments were off with their respective in-laws, and Papa Bear was at his brother's house, too. That makes the first Thanksgiving since I have moved here that we weren't all together...and SHR and Big Sis say it is the first Thanksgiving ever that they weren't together, even including the time Big Sis spent in London.

However, in an effort to ease the frantic-ness of trying to fit everyone's family's in, we decided that we would have our own Thanksgiving on Saturday, and it was spectacular! The whole crew spent the day at Big Sis's (her neighbor the Senator wasn't home...apparantly he was still in Washington doing nothing...yea, you heard me!) in a quasi-organized, very casual event. Since everyone was a little turkey-ed out, we ate steak and lobsters because...well, why not? And we also made pie, cookies and some other stuff as we went along. It was a little messy:-) But, it just may be my new favorite tradition!

And now...guess who is going to Mexico in two days? One of The Boy's friends is getting married, so a bunch of us are headed down for the wedding. We leave early Thursday and get back Sunday, and it should be a whole lot of fun. Smoking Hot Roommate is on her first ever babysitting duty (and will likely end up even less ready for kids than she is now). She and the Rocket Scientist are staying at our place for the four days, and Munchkin will be around to make sure no one gets hurt;-) Cross your fingers!!!

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Kari said...

Have fun in Mexico -- SHR will do excellently! Just need to get the girls to hide her BC and she will be a mom in no time!