Thursday, March 01, 2012

Odds and Ends

Three weeks in a row now, Modern Family has totally killed's like they are pulling plot lines out of my old diaries (that I never wrote, but still).
We actually got a little bit of snow yesterday, which should be a non-story, but it stands as the only snow we have seen here since...oh, October? And even that was questionable (at least around here, further west it was a real storm.) The snow is gone, which leaves us today with just a really cold, rainy day, reminding us that our pleasant winter still has a LONG way to go.
Tuesday election recap: good night for Romney, obviously. I know there have been stories about Democrats voting for Santorum, but I always question how much things like that really impact an election. However, it is a good thing that Santorum didn't win by less than 1% or else there would have been a revolt. Now we look forward to next Tuesday...although right now it doesn't look like that is going to solve anything definitively. Romney will win a couple, Santorum will win a couple, Gingrich will win Georgia (maybe Tennessee?) and they will all probably live to fight another day...except maybe Newt, this may be it for him.

Watch Ohio, which is a big delegate prize (other than Georgia, which is Newt's home state), and a tremendously important November state. It is also unclear who is going to win, I think Romney is up in some polls, but it is really close...and Santorum's brand of conservatism (I love Jesus and I love labor unions!) may resonate with the GOP voters there.

Also, I get to vote Tuesday...I can almost promise you that I will vote for someone else in November...but I am still voting now. Would anyone care to take a guess...? I will tell you Tuesday if you care...
Spring break is in a couple of weeks, and Munchkin is headed to Paris. Poor kid, huh? She and a friend are headed to visit Frenchie, which I am once again jealous of. If I stop and think about it, the whole thing remains as completely absurd as ever...but I stopped worrying about that years ago.
Poor LK got sick while she was asleep last night and didn't really even wake up:-( She threw up just a little bit, but it was only on her blanket, so I didn't have to change her. But a little bit got in her hair, and my efforts to clean it without waking her up didn't quite prevent it from kinda smelling this morning.
Seems like very little shows up in my Reader these I need some new blogs to put in the rotation? Or is this just a temporary slowdown?
Holy shit, when did March happen?!?!?


laurwilk said...

Poor LK!

My guess is that you're currently supporting Ron Paul even though you sort of think he's bonkers. I'd guess you're mostly interested in the economics of it all and he seems (well, is) the most fiscally conservative. If Santorum wasn't such an asshole, I'd guess your vote could go there but you're too much of a feminist to deal with him. I doubt you view Romney as genuine. Newt is maybe your wild card.

How close am I?

Accidentally Me said...

Pretty close:-)

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

Damn, I love that Laura gave political analysis on this post! That's awesome! I totally want to know who you vote for on Tuesday and who you think you'll be voting for in November. =)

Poor LK. The funny thing about those incidents is that she probably feels fine today, but you feel bad for her. I got a call from daycare last week that Gavin had slipped on the playground and pretty seriously scraped up his face. What the teacher failed to tell me (that another teacher told me later) was that when they brought Gavin inside to clean him up, he was smiling and running around the classroom as if nothing had happened!

MrsV said...

I have no comment on the politics despite yours always being easier to follow than ours. lol

I did want to say thank you for your comment tho :) I think I could just stare at the little guy all day ;)