Thursday, March 22, 2012 many topics can I cover in one post?

The more I talk (and blog) about it, the more I realize that I am hyper-ventilating over nothing as it relates to Frenchie and his college plans. Still, I am not going to let that stop my from hyper-ventilating:-) The good news is that I likely have nothing to worry about...I am pretty sure that his parents feel kind of the same way, and they obviously do get a vote. Frankly, it makes more sense for them to be worried, as they are the ones who would worry about him making a major life decision for the wrong reason.

So, for now, my plan is to ignore it and hope that it works out how I hope...good plan, right? I think so...

Let's move on and talk about the abso-fucking-lutely gorgeous weather around here. It is MARCH, and today it is going to be in the mid 80's. Those are temperatures that we usually don't see until at least mid-May, and sometimes later. The whole week has been spectacular, and the next few days are supposed to be sort of the same. We will get back to something more seasonable next week, but by then it will be basically April, and we can pretty much kiss winter good-bye (you know, unless we get a massive snow storm)...

The weather has given me a really strong urge to buy a lot of new clothes:-) That, combined with my having taken very little vacation so far this year, has led me to the extremely important decision to play hooky this afternoon with Smoking Hot Roommate...lunch, maybe some cocktails, shopping and enjoying the weather. Sounds like an awfully nice idea to

Moving on yet has been kind of a whole new experience having Munchkin gone for the week. Not totally new, obviously, because she has been away pretty recently...but for some reason I have never before enjoyed her being away from the perspective of having a brief fling as a "normal" family. And by that, I mean only the un-publishable things that can go on after the children go to sleep:-P

(Do we see how much more demure I have gotten? Three years ago, I'd have written that like it was a scene from a romance novel! Age and motherhood have taken my rough edges off:-P)

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A said...

We've had the same abso-fucking-lutely gorgeous weather and I'm so afraid that we're going to get a massive April snowstorm. What a weird winter it's been, right?

Have you been hearing about that 50 Shades of Grey book that has all of the housewives atwitter? For some reason, that's what popped into my head when you mentioned the unpublishable that was once publishable. :)